Hello (parent) World

I hail from here and have been reading your (Sprogblogs) for almost a year now… My name is Sharon and Im a new mommy! And coincidently my little angle’s name is Jessica… sounds familiar hey? Not only do we share our names, but even the kids’ (although 12 yrs apart). Hope I dont confuse the lot by also naming my blog Shaz… I too am joining here with Michelle, because I feel bad blogging about babies on a Foodblog… I will keep the other blog ‘alive’, with food posts, but they are few and far between these days. I have blogged about my pregnancy on my original foodblog though… whether they liked it or not! Tongue out

(The preggy belly)


So let me start at the beginning… last year this time (Sept 2010) we found out I was pregnant. It happened so quick, I was only off the pill for 2 months when the stork struck…  I almost cant remember being pregnant any more! My pregnancy was an easy one, I can count the number of times I was sick on 1 hand, didnt have sleepless nights (except for the going to the loo once a night), pretty much carried on as normal, even worked overtime most nights toward the end! I had my heart kind of set on a normal birth, but the last 3 scans showed the umbilical cord around Madam’s neck… Call me cautious or silly, but I decided to go with a C-section, instead of waiting to go into labour, get there halfway through the pain and you start to stress because you know the cord is around the neck then the baby stresses and you end up with an emergency C-section anyways. So our due date moved from the 25th of May to the 17th of May, and I had less than a week to prepare myself mentally for this.


Birth Story: On the morning of the 17th, we checked into the Kloof Hospital (Pta) @ 08h00 as I was scheduled for 11h30. At around 10h00 the nurse came to say the Dr had a emergency Csection to do, I’ll be next after that though. 

By that time, I had enough time to think this through and stressed about the procedure! You see – I hate needles…!  You’d think after all the tests they do during your pregnancy I would’ve gotten use to injections etc. Uhm no way Jose’. By the time they wanted to insert the IV (drip), my veins were no where to be found – they had sunk so deep, the nurse didnt want to try and ‘find’ a vein, and asked the anethetist to help – because he is very good with needles. Well it was a challenge even to him, only got a vein on the 2nd try. I could have died, then the stresses just mounted… I had terrible shivers (nerves/ anxiety), by the time they rolled me to the theatre it was about 12h50 and I was in tears. Poor Hubs just tried to calm and reassure me…Lying in the theatre waiting for eveyone was terrible for me. I still couldnt stop shivering and all I could think of “what if they couldnt do the spinal” or “what if he missed the nerves he’s looking for” . At least the anethetist was better at that, and got it 1st time. But then the next dreadful feeling set in – the numbness! The procedure itself went past so quick and at 13h09 our little Jessica gave her 1st breath and cried. In that moment you forget about all the bad things and you are overcome with happyness!After they took her and Hubs away I was left listening to the Drs and nurses discussing someone’s party and the fact that there would be Malva Pudding thats someone’s husbands favorite! *what a memory to have?!*


Stats: 3.3kgs, 51cm long Agpar 9/10 & 10/10.


Little madam – we called her our Little Punk Rock Girl, with all that funky hair!


Here she’s 4wks old!


Holding on to dolly for dear life… (+/- 12wks)


1st summer outfit! +/-13wks)



Tomorrow I shall share my journey of motherhood so far!

Have a wonderful evening!!


25 thoughts on “Hello (parent) World

  1. My maatjie! Ek is so bly jy het besluit om ook hier te blog – welkom! Jy gaan sommer baie van al die mammas hier hou! Lekker aand vir julle ook! xxx

  2. Dankie Dankie! Ek kan doen met al die mammas wat kan advies gee! Nie dat die ander tannies nie ook kan nie.. maar dink dis beter om die twee topics apart te hou! Lekker aand!!! xxx

  3. Awesome, welcome here, i look forward to reading your experiences!How amazing at the names between you and Shazzie!Beautiful pics, Jessica (LOVE the name, hehe!!) is just adorable.xx

  4. Welcome to Sprogblogs! Wow, she has amazing hair. Looking forward to watching her grow here.Good thing the Jess’s are 12 years apart or we would get really confused.

  5. What a beautiful baby girl! I’m all tearful now. Expecting our 1st lil 1 (a baby girl) in Feb. We just cant wait! Dont worry, I’m terrified of needles too! Need to have my blood tests done but putting it off coz Im scared lol

  6. Thank you AyDee! Her hair still stands up like that – even though she’s close to needing a 1st haircut… I hope I can keep her fringe out of her eyes for a while longer!

  7. Thank you! I can see why you love her name! LOL Loved your post yesterday! Almost had me in tears, thinking what it would be like after the 1st yr! Can only get better!

  8. Thank you Ladee! Congrats with your girl! Time flies so quickly when pregnant, before you know it you will have your babygirl in your arms! I never knew just how many tests were involved… Every time I had to go for bloodtests I dragged someone with – at least you get to know the nurses after a while. Only once did I almost faint, for the others I was ‘strong’…;) If you can, ask to lie down…that helped me a LOT!

  9. Thank you Scott!! I believe a welcome to you too at the Sprogblogs! 🙂 I would sell my child for a good malva pud…perhaps not anymore… hehe 🙂

  10. Thank you Sharon & Jessica! Still cant believe this… strange coincidence! Hope my Little Madam will grow to make me coffee on weekends too! 😉

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