Motherhood Sofar…

Thank you for all the welcoming wishes!! I sommer already feel at home here! Laughing

Mommyhood for me thus fas has had a few downs, but mostly ups! From the beginning I said – I just need to get through the 1st 6 weeks, then I know we will be allright. The first 2 weeks were trying… I was in tears when we checked out of the hospital… baby blues set in that morning and my milk hadnt arrived yet and poor Madam was so hungry, and cried almost as much as I did. The nurses quickly phoned the Dr to prescribe little ‘miracle pills’ for milk production and I was sent on my way – no make up, no happy smiles, just teary eyed and clutching my baby. With a very worried husband on tow!

Hubby took some leave to spend time with us, and Im ever so grateful for that – I wouldnt have coped by myself! Jessica swopped her day and night and suffered from a bit of reflux (this we only found out on week 2, after a visit to the pediatrician). She would cry unconsolably for hours on end… then eventually pass out, and sleep for like 5 – 8 hrs straight. Not normal for a new born (apparently). After our visit to the pediatrician, things got a lot better! Adjusting her feeding, burping and sleeping positions worked wonders! I could cope after Hubs went back to work. Madam seemed not to be the average new born. She only slept for 30-45 min at a time, and stayed awake between 2 & 3hrs. Evenings were better – she would sleep 5 -6 hrs at a time. At 1st this drove me insane, “my child wont sleep enough”, but she just didnt need so much sleep. I also spent most of my days in my PJ’s till late in the afternoon or till hubs got back from work, before I got my ass through the shower! I made peace with that too! Cool

We had her sleeping in our bedroom the 1st week, but it didnt work out and moved her to her own room (really 10 steps away), and there she is still sleeping. Since then she’s moved out of the pram and into her own cot – no hassles. She now sleeps from 7pm – 4am and only some mornings wake earlier, but she goes back to sleep within minutes of feeding. For the 1st feed we move her to our bed though (naughty…perhaps) but its nice to cuddle with her for an hour or so before getting ready for the day. Since Madam is sleeping so well, Im not a sleep deprived mummy…yet!

I came back to work on the 1st of Sept… Im not enjoying my job so much anymore! For the 1st time (probably in my life) I can see myself being a stay at home mom… except we cant afford that, so I’ll be here dreaming about being somewhere else with my baby!At least they agreed to me only working until 4pm instead of 5pm, so I can fetch her from school.

Im still breastfeeding, 4 months later *pat on the back*. Although her day bottles are formula (NAN). I have noticed since Im back at work, my milk is becoming less and less! Dont have a private space to express at the office, so only feed Madam at home (her 5pm, 3or4am & 7am feeds) I just barely manage to express 1 bottle for her to drink during the day. Dont know how long I can keep up with this – trying to breastfeed at least for 6 months! I do drink them magic pills at times, just to increase ‘production’ for a bit. If any one has any advise how to increase milk production, naturally – Im all ears!!

Madam is now staying at a creche during the day…I know shock horror… I balled my eyes out the first few days when we dropped her. With all the bad things happening at day mothers, I thought I’d rather take my chances with a creche. She’s the smallest baby there at the moment by about a month. She adapted very well – she’s all smiles when I drop her off now. They do look after her very well – Im comfortable with all the tannies!

Madam has 3 teeth thats been lingering to come out since 2 months. The right ‘oogtand/K9/ eye tooth?’ might be the 1st to come through – you can just see the little white tip. It comes and goes, but yesterday she started drooling again, a sure sign that its itching again! And dont get me started on them nasty nappies… What ever she gets hold of, she tries to eat! Hope the teeth coming out wont hurt too much!!

She’s already so strong, she loves to sit or stand up (stok stywe bene). She almost can sit by herself, just need to practice her balancing skills! She’s rolling over beautifully tummy to back, and gets half way visa versa! 😉 

This week we started spending more time with her outdoors, showing her the leaves and flowers, and letting her touch it. She’s loving it! All smiles and she looks at EVERYTHING!! She is very observant and curious! Im glad she enjoyes the outdoors so much!! Will post a pic of her outside soon – trying to see if I can uplaod pics directly from my phone… 🙂

Yikes almost home time – this day has flown! And tomorrow its finally Friday!! Whooohaaa!!

Have a lovely evening!!



18 thoughts on “Motherhood Sofar…

  1. Sjoe! Jy is omtrent gelukkig dat sy so goed slaap hoor! Kan nie glo sy was so lank wakker in die begin nie gewoonlik slaap hulle mos baie. Weet nie of jy miskien deur die dag ook moet probeer uitpomp nie – ek weet dis moeilik maar dit gaan help met die “produksie” (klink funny!) van melk. Ek moes maar in die badkamer hier by die werk gesit het – het ook nie ander plek gehad nie.Ek is net so bly dis more Vrydag! Dit was omtrent ‘n lang week gewees! Lekker aand! xxx

  2. Have you tried that Blackthorn Berry Elixer? I am going on 5 months of exclusive breastfeeding and I find it helps if I’ve had a rough day and I feel like my milk production isn’t up to scratch. You can also mix the Jungle Juice (google it for the recipe) but I’ve found that the Berry stuff mixed in water works just as well. I call it my Gummiberry juice 😉

  3. It’s so important to be happy with the creche. My children have all been at different creches, and there are good ones and bad ones. Glad you’re happy with yours.

  4. Dit het my teen die mure uitgedryf dat sy ni geslaap het soos sy ‘moes’ nie. Nou nog is haar dag slapies tussen 30 – 60min. Ons het net die ‘public toilets’ hier by die werk mos. Wil nie regtig daar sit en pomp nie, dink nie dis baie hygenic nie! As ons net ‘n toe stoor kamer of iets gehad het… Snaaks Maandae het ek baie meer melk, Vrydae is daar amper niks! Dis Vrydag! En ‘n week nader aan jou Hubby se terug keer! Geniet die naweek!! xxx

  5. Not yet – will go buy some on the weekend. Biggest problem is, I cant express at the office… so I cant have too much milk either or I’ll burst! Thanks for the advise! 🙂

  6. She doesnt want to sit still for a moment! Her ‘teacher’ just commented this week, she’s ahead of some of the older babies…*proud mommy* hope she doesnt grow up to quickly though!

  7. lol’s – finally managed to get some ‘downloaded’ (read emailed to myself from my phone and then save and upload…mission! cant log into the blog on my phone for some reason…)But watch this space – busy with a post, with pics! 😉

  8. Ag tog ja nee dit gaan nou nie werk om daar te gaan uitpomp nie – shame man. Is jou borste dan nie baie vol deur die dag nie? Ja Maandae gaan jy baie melk hê want sy het dan seker die hele naweek gedrink of wat? Hoe meer hulle mos drink hoe meer word dit gestimuleer. Ag tog ek hoop maar jy kan ‘n oplossing kry!

  9. Die 1ste week was erg, boobies baie vol geraak en seer. Nou dink ek het hulle half in die routine gekom ,so dit nie meer so erg deur die dag nie. Maar nou raak die melk self minder deur die aand. Kon gewoonlik so 150ml express, nou sukkel ek om 90ml te kry… anders moet ek maar deur die nag extra probeer! xx

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