Friday DuF's

I have never done a post on DUF’s…

Lets see…


– Sinus & Hayfever getting the better of me…wish it would rain now already!!

– Jessica also having a bit of snotnose, but its getting better.

– The family what was  wiped out yesterday in the car crash, not wearing seatbelts – just breaks my heart, and makes me cry…Cry


– The week has flown quickly

– Jessica didnt get any sicker (a lot of the babies are sick at the creche – they are staying at home thank goodness)

– Its Friday and halfway through the month (pay day winking!)

– Taking Jessica outside, and her smiling at everything. Making time every afternoon to spend a bit of time in the garden (weather permitting)

The All Blacks winning Japan! GOOOOOO ALLL BLACKS!!! *and no Im not a Bok Fan, but I’ll support them if they are not playing against the All Blacks though! 😉


– Sister’s Birthday Braai tomorrow, Im sooooo lis for a piece of cake and a braaied tjop… (mind you I can eat cake everyday!!) Will also show my nephew how to make ‘stok broodjies’ : breaddough rolled around a stick, then you put it over a fire untill done, remove the stick, put butter and syrup down the hole and enjoy!! Cant remember when last I had a ‘stokbroodjie’ must have been in the Voortrekkers still!

– Tonight we will be bathing Madam in the ‘big’ bath for the 1st time, as you can see – she’s outgrowing her plastic baby bath. She loves her bath, hope she will still enjoy it, with more water and space!! 🙂

– Having a ‘date’ night tonight, dinner (take out), Dvd and a glass of wine!

Going to the Irene Dairy Farm on Sunday, if the weather is fine, for a stroll, icecream and petting the koeitjies (calves)!

Check me mommy… Sent the U-pillow to the creche so that she can ‘sit’ there too. When she lies down she lifts her head and feet, like mini sit ups, just want to come up!

Have a lovely weekend!!!



21 thoughts on “Friday DuF's

  1. Ag jinne sy is te oulik! Ek dink sy gaan mal wees oor die groot bad. Geniet date night en die braai die naweek – ek hoop ook die weer is lekker die naweek en dat ons sommer baie tyd buite kan spandeer! Dis so mooi op daai plaas – wil ook weer een of ander tyd soontoe gaan. Lekker bly! xxx

  2. Dankie dankie! Ek love die Irene Farm, kan elke dag soontoe gaan – en hul roomys is regtig lekker! 😉 Wil nog die restuarant ook probeer…eendag! 😉 Hou duim vas dat die naweek soos vandag is, ‘n lekker somers dag!! Sterkte met die laaste paar ure van werk – ek tel die minute!! Mooi bly en drukkies vir jou mooi kinders!! xxx

  3. Oh my hat, those pictures are just so gorgeous. What a beautiful little girl! I’m sommer getting broody for a little girlHave a great weekend!

  4. I dont know where she gets her strenght from, but she sure is determined! The farm changed a lot since I’ve been there (before we went in Apr and its been a few yrs before that). They have lovely patches of lawn to sit on, 2 x restuarants, and a walkpath around the farm. Its hard to believe its in the city! 🙂

  5. Thanks Debs!! My hubby is broody for a boetie! Im just covering for my ovaries! 😉 Have a lovely weekend too!PS: I still have your Amarula Chocolate Cake Recipe you posted back on the food blogs…hubbies all time favorite! (well Im pretty sure it was your recipe…)

  6. Jislaaik but she has grown so much since those awesome photos on facebook. Still as cute as a button. I want to eat her up! Enjoy your date night. And the weekend. Sounds like you have a lovely one planned. Happy Birthday to your sis xx

  7. Thanks BG! The weekend was lovely… already looking forward to the next one! BTW – when are you planning the 2012 FBI for? IF (big IF) we go on holiday next year, perhaps I can ‘overlap’ it a bit… xxx

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