The weekend and advise needed

So much for having a ‘date night’ and peaceful weekend… Date night Friday turned in to “get take aways, forget the DVD and fall asleep in front of the telly;! hehe πŸ™‚ Perhaps another night then!

Saterday we enjoyed the braai (and cake), Madam had her 1st night outing (bathing and falling asleep at Ouma’s house). No hassles. Was tricky to make sure everyone got enough attention. So her cousin helped bath, Ouma helped dress and Tannie did the feeding. Oupa and Uncle had some ‘arm time’ so thats then sorted! I think babies are the stuff family fueds start over….

On Sunday both Jessica & me woke with a cough. It just got worse through the day… Took her to the Dr this morning quick, only a sinus infection, thank goodness its not in her chest yet. Got the right meds and hope she will get better soon! And I have the adult version… I hope it would rain soon so that the air can be cleaned a bit… Its not contagious, so unfortunately she’s back at the creche, snot en al!

So our Irene Dairy Farm outing is postphoned again! The next 2 weekends we are busy though!

I want to ask you ladies (sorry Scott, but perhaps you would know too..):

Is there some cardinal rule about expressing milk and then mixing 2 batches together?

Please note – its not bottles she has drunk from yet. Im not getting enought milk for a full feed (150 – 200ml) So Im getting 90ml and either 60 or 90ml. So can I mix the 2 for a full feed? On the weekend she started finishing her formula bottles (200ml). Upping them now to 230ml (200ml water with 8 scoops).

I have also decided to rather start expressing at work to increase my milk – for now. Will see how it goes this week. Not sure entirely where I will be doing this… will figure something out!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!



24 thoughts on “The weekend and advise needed

  1. I’m not sure about the mixing of milk Shaz, maybe someone else will know. I never had enough milk for my babies and had to supplement with formula.*hugs*

  2. Hi Sharon, firstly welcome πŸ™‚ seeing as this is the first time I am commenting on your blog.I expressed for Layla for a good few months and also had trouble with my supply while expressing (fennel tea and jungle juice helped quite a bit) – I used to express as much as I could and add to it later so long as it was done the same day and we never had any trouble. I also used to freeze expressed milk from the weekend (or any extra from the week) and use it to top up any feeds that I didn’t get out enough for during the week. Hope this helps!

  3. Infortunately I have no idea about mixing differnet “batches” of milk – hope some of the wiser ladies can help you. Hope you both get better soon!

  4. I am expressing and mixing at this stage – and it works well. I only express the little milk I have left after a feed, so it’s not much at a time, and need about 4 takes to get to 120 ml. As long as she drinks it within 24 hours from the 1st ‘express’ then there’s no problem! Good luck!

  5. No problem mixing milk,expressing takes getting used to and you have to relax and have the let down reflex so milk flows well.Also remember to drink lots of water to keep up milk production.I expressed for over a year for MK because of all her allergies and could pump a full bottle in about 8minutes.

  6. Thank you! πŸ™‚ And thank you – helps a lot. Im not even expressing enough to freeze at this stage. On weekends I try and feed her more often so she can rather get the ‘good stuff’ rather than formula. This helps by Monday I have more milk, but by Friday its just about finished! If I can add the bits together – that would be awesome! πŸ™‚

  7. Ag jammer julle date night het nie verloop soos beplan nie – miskien volgende keer! Dis altyd lekker as die oumas en tannies bietjie kan help en hulle is tog so mal daaroor!Shame man – ek hoop maar die snotterasie is nie ernstig nie en dat julle 2 sommer gou beter sal voel!Solank jy die melk in 24 uur gebruik sal dit fine wees. Maar ek dink Lunar en EEVD se reply is spot on! Dit voel so lank terug vandat ek geborsvoed het. Ek mis dit partykeer! xxx

  8. Thanks EEVD! Im going to gather all the bits of milk during the day now! At least she can have a proper full bottle then! πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you Deblet! Im struggling with getting enought fluids in… better buy myself a big jug of water too. I used to be able to express very quick quite a lot. Now it takes forver and its still not enough! But working on increasing the ‘productivity’!

  10. Dalk volgende keer ja! hehe :)Jong die tannies en ouma’s raak vinnig ‘dikbek’ as hulle dink die een kry meer tyd met die kleinding as die ander! Moet omtrent ‘n rooster opstel en die tyd verdeel tussen hulle! hehe πŸ™‚ Darem nog nie ernstig nie. Ek is seker maar oorversigtig, is haar 1ste siek wees. Hoop ook dit gaan vinnig verby! Dankie! Ek het al begin wonder hoe dit sal wees om op te hou. Gaan sy verstaan as dit nou sulke tyd is… anders maar aanhou vir nog ‘n rukkie! πŸ™‚ Lekker dag!! xxx

  11. LOL @ it being tricky making sure everyone got enough attention – it really is that way when family come together – can be quite exhausting, lol!!Hope u guys still get your date night!xx

  12. Good luck with the expressing. Sometimes take-aways and falling asleep early can be just as good for the soul as a ‘date night’. Hope your sniffles clear up soon.

  13. I still dont have enough to freeze, but at least now by mixing – I can give one ‘big’ bottle for during the day! πŸ™‚

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