Bit and Bobs

Sjoe this week has flown.

Im so glad its almost weekend… You will come to know me, I live for weekends and payday!


Jessica’s sniffles are a lot better. Mine is starting to lift now, took a “benelin” day on Tuesday, didn’t feel well at all. Best way to describe it: like someone hit a sledge hammer through my face! Meds started to help yesterday, slowly but surely getting better. Just glad Madam didn’t get as sick as I did! Watching the clouds very closely for ANY sign on RAIN!!!! My milk is at an all time low again, think it’s the antibiotics and the tons of nasal spray… will drink the miracle pill (espiride?) until it gets better. The rate Im going I’ll need a refill prescription soon!


So between gloating and bragging… I totally forgot to mention how supporting Hubby has been with Madam. We have a deal, agreement of sorts, for the nights: he will get up to change the nappy and I get up to feed (since his boobs are emptiness). Which works well for us. He also helps with bathtime and the evening bottle before bedtime is his duty pleasure too. He enjoys her so much, her face lits up when she hears his voice! He is such a wonderful Dad!

*wait this was more gloating, a helpful dad… sorry mense!!


I totally forgot to mention how the 1st bath in the Big Bath went – Very well (got pics, will down load for tomorrow!). I put up some stickers on the tiles, and she just stares at the fishies. Last night she discovered she can splash the water while kicking… will make later baths more interesting! The whole big bath thing is very good and well, but its breaking my back! (and daddy’s). Our bathroom isn’t very big, so you either have to stand on your knees (on a pillow of course!), sit on the side of the bath or on the loo. A lot of bending and weird angles going on… Still trying to think of a better way, other than getting into the bath myself! Thinking of putting a ‘plank’ in the one corner, then you can sit with your feet in the water. Still bend down, but it’s a better bend… (if that makes sense).


Other news, Madam is starting to pull up her legs when she is lying on her tummy, like she’s getting ready to crawl! She also is starting to gain more balance when sitting up, she stays up for a few seconds at a time! I will have to cut some of her hair this weekend… Don’t know how…perhaps I should rather take her to the hairdresser… But its only for the neck hair – it’s a bit ‘out of shape’ especially with the bald patch ook nog.

She also has a new thing with her last evening bottle, she cant keep still… which means she swallows more air, more burps, more spitting and epic battle to get her calm… only when she gets halfway through the bottle she gets sleepy and calms down…why now suddenly!? Mind you the other day, I breastfed her in the livingroom and the TV was on. She would take a sip, turn her head to see the TV, and then come back for another sip… *repeat* it was kinda cute, and then she would look up at me and smile! Such a curious little mind that one’s got!


On Monday Im going to a Baby& Mommy Class, they are discussing Solid Foods. I must remember to remind my boss… I’m a bit unsure about when to start with Solids, you have Camp 4months and Camp 6months. I thought perhaps I’ll camp outside, and start around 5 months… But will have better insight after the lecture/class. And Im hoping there will be lots of Angel Cookies (we had our Antenatal Class at the same venue, I think I ate more cookies than a rugby team and even took some home, much to Hubby’s embarrassment!!). Taking Madam with – should be a fun outing!


I seem to have made a ‘friend’ at the crèche, another mommy. Don’t have clue what her name is… better ask tomorrow. Very nice lady, and it helps that her little one smiles at me and even waved me goodbye yesterday! 😉 Talking about the crèche – the ‘main’ teacher is on leave this week, now they have 2 ladies to help the ‘assistants’. (to clarify, the assistants are black ladies and the ‘teachers/ tannies’ are white ladies). Now from Mon, it’s been an old tannie (+/- 60yrs) and her daughter (30-35yrs) helping out. They don’t seem to cope… it was a total shambles when I dropped Jessica yesterday. They seemed frantic, almost shouting at each other… I actually gave her to the one Assistant instead. Honestly I trust the assistants more with my Child than the Tannies! So this morning I asked the same assistant if she wouldn’t mind taking Jess again, she is hungry and more than ready for a bottle, then I got it…. ‘n duif kyk from the older tannie nogal! I’m a ‘lover’ not a fighter so I just smiled polite, said goodbye and left.

This morning myself and the other Mom discussed the arrangement there for this week, and she’s not very happy either. I don’t know if I should moan about it, or just be happy tomorrow is the last day, and the normal teacher will be back on Monday (she does a damn fine job Btw). Maybe I should mention to the normal Teacher things didn’t go to well this week… Personally I think they should get the ‘assistants’ properly qualified, so that there’s no need to bring in so many ‘strangers’. I don’t know if the Tannie & Daughter have any qualifications… being an Ouma doesn’t count in my books, not even if you have 10trillion grandkids. At least the younger ‘assistant’ has a soft spot for Jessica, and visa versa – makes me feel a wee bit better.


Enough waffling from me… a waffle with runny syrup and cream would go down so well now! *stop it* stop it* STOP IT*


Have a great Thurday!!




15 thoughts on “Bit and Bobs

  1. Nee jy kan nie van wafels hier praat nie! Bly jy voel beter en dat sy dit nie so erg gehad het nie. Dis altyd wonderlik as die pappas so mooi help – net jammer mens moet hulle partykeer herinner! Ek weet wat jy bedoel met die groot bad en mens se rug – dis omtrent ‘n storie maar ten minste geniet hulle dit gate uit! Hoop dinge by die skool is gou uitgesort – dis nie lekker as mens nie 100% oor die plek voel en jou baba moet daar bly nie. Ek was ook al daar deur. Ek is soooo bly dis more en Vrydag en die beste van alles is dis payday! Yay! Lekker bly! xxx

  2. Hehe. Ek kan eintlik nie eens onthou wanneer laas ek ‘n waffel gehad het nie!! En nou is ek seriously lus vir een… dalk die BarOne een by Wimpy! *lip lek*Ek het maar gefocus op die goeie, party dae moet ek hom paar keer vra om met ander goed te help! hehe 🙂 Dis darem net die week wat nie so lekker is by die skool. Sal dit dalk noem aan die Juffrou – sy is darem baie nice, seker sy sal verstaan. Ek hoop ons kry pay, anders sien ek eers geld Dins! Moet steeds groceries gaan kry Sat – als raak nou klaar, van shampoo tot wetwipes! Geniet die dag en Happy Days dis more Vrydag!! xxx

  3. I also got sidetracked by that… a Wimpy BarOne waffle… YUM! 🙂 Hope your migraine passes quick, maybe you should consider a cocktail or two… either alcoholic or medicinal! 😉

  4. We have also had the sniffles, I think it’s the time of year. I think you should say that you weren’t comfortable with the arrangements.

  5. Ai, its always a gamble with creche or day care, nobody looks after your child the you do.Mmmm, my mum used to make a custard-like syrup/sauce thing for waffles that is to die for and not one of us knows that recipe.

  6. Its definitely this time of year – wish it would rain now! They had another tannie there yesterday and totay – she seems to be more in control. And the younger woman wasnt there…think the other moms might have said something. The school principle is an awesome woman – got such passion for the kids. Had a chat with her yesterday, she spent most of her day with the Baby Class – probably keeping an eye on things.

  7. I know… if only I didnt have to work! Seems they ‘corrected’ the problem with the tannies. At least things are back to normal on Monday. Whooo.. now that sounds interesting! Im still trying to twist Hubby’s arm to go to wimpy!!

  8. Sounds like we share a bathroom ;-)We started giving Liam 1-3 spoons of Nestle Cerelac when he was about 2½ months old. Just a bit. He’s a wonderful eater.Been ages since I had a waffle

  9. I’ve been staring at the cereal in the baby isle – dont even know which one to start off with. Hope they hand out some samples… hehe 🙂 I think we should start a Waffle Campaign, enought with the braaiing already! 😉

  10. Ja, they don’t come in small boxes, but a box doesn’t go bad, just don’t let the goggas in it. I remember they come in stages, so stage 1 for the little one. Remember that eating also helps the little mouth muscles which in turn helps with language later on (so I’ve read).

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