Solid Foods

Today feels like Monday, which is fine… The weekend is already one day closer! Gha!


Yesterday I went to the Baby&Mom class, they had a lecture (?) on the Introduction of Solid Foods. Took Little Madam with, she was so chatty and smiling at all the tannies, then she got bored halfway and fell asleep!

Anyways, now if you are like me (pointing to the Learner sign on the back of my head), I thought you start with the cereals, and only cereal for a few weeks (months even) before trying other food. Now I know I can start with the veggies and meat and everything else in between. And cereal. I also asked the nurse to weigh Jessica yesterday, since the 30th of Aug to yesterday she only gained 400gr… (5.6kg = 6.05kgs). She ‘use to’ average a gain of 200gr a week. Perhaps it is time for her to start on the solids. I’m looking forward to introducing her to all the new tastes!


The ‘lecture’ was presented by 2 dieticians and it made perfect sense. They even handed out simple recipes and gave us a 4 week menu to try. In the 4 weeks you introduce all kinds of veggies, some meat and test for the major allergy groups (if my memory doesn’t fail me now – soya, wheat, dairy, eggs, fish & nuts). If you think your child is at risk of a severe allergy, to rather test the food on his/her cheek – this will also show a reaction. (if you have fish or nut allergy history, best to test at the Dr office of hospital incase its a VERY severe reaction). So far I’ve been eating and drinking everything I had before and during my pregnancy. I haven’t noticed anything that upsets Jessica. I was allergic to Tartrazine when I was a young one… hope she doesn’t have that! No other food allergies that I know of… Undecided


This weekend I will start with the rice cereal (can you say KODAK moment!? Heeehhee), and then slowly but surely start with the veggies on Monday. Will at 1st only try to give food once a day, then build up to twice etc… Don’t want to overwhelm the poor child either!


Im still astonished that you can give meat & veggies so soon. I want to try and make the food myself and only use Purity fruit when the time comes (and the other food for emergencies). But then again *checking that big red L on the back of my head* that might be easier said than done! Wish me luck!


Now a question: What cereal did you first give your Baby?

Celerac or Nestum? And whats the difference? Which one is the rice cereal?!

I guess I can google this too… but prefer to ask all the clever mommies out there! Embarassed


16 thoughts on “Solid Foods

  1. Oooh, solids is great fun! Such an adventure!The biggest difference between Cerelac and Nestum is that Cerelac is mixed with water and Nestum is mixed with formula milk. I only ever used Cerelac – lazy mommy – it’s SO much easier to mix with water than mix formula! Plus, I felt that baby girl was getting her quota of milk in through her bottles and it wasn’t necessary to be in her cereal too. The Cerelac Stage 1 comes in rice, maize, and I forget what else. Mia really liked the Stage 2 Honey one, yum. Enjoy!!xx

  2. Im looking forward to seeing all the facial expressions! :)Thanks – obviously I just stared at the boxes again on the weekend! I’ll check for the Cerelac, Rice one for now.Thanks again! xxx

  3. Cerelac – the “lac” (lactose) means there is already milk in, just use water. i was hesitant to give Minki meat so early, only tried it at 12 months. She loved mashed up paw-paw the best 🙂

  4. I use Cerelac or Purity now also has cereals that you can just add water too. I don’t have time to mix on formula to mix in, and the cerelac smells so yummy. Olli Organix has a brown rice cereal that tastes much nicer than the regular white rice ones. I bought a stick blender and a whole bunch of veggies today, tomorrow I cook! We’ve been using Purity to start because I’ve found I can never get the homemade stuff quite as smooth as they can. But now he’s eating more lumpy cereals and not complaining so I think it’s time to start the homemade veggies and fruits.

  5. Ek gee ook maar gewoonlik vir Kayla die Cerelac – dit het klaar melk in so jy hoef dit net met water te meng. Dis so oulik om hulle die eerste keer te sien eet – jy moet sommer baie foto’s neem! Ek het ook so ‘n rukkie gewag met die vleis – tot sy so 6 of 7 maande oud was. Geniet dit! Lekker aand vir julle! xxx

  6. Oooh starting solids is so much fun, enjoy it! I also started Jamie on Veggies and Fruit as well as he didn’t really like the cereal, only likes Pro Nutro for Toddlers now. He only got meat from about 6 months and yogurt from about 5.5. Have a great day!PS – take a look at Cerelac Gold – much more yummy and creamier than the others

  7. Most specialists recommend starting with bland foods, and then introducing other tastes slowly over a long period. Having said that, children are so different, and cope differently with their diets. Have fun finding out what works for you.

  8. Will definitely have the camera ready!! 🙂 Thinking to start with Butternut – its got a natural sweetness and its easy to puree! Hope she will be a good eater too! 🙂

  9. Will maybe wait with the meat for a bit… Wasnt looking fwd to puree-ing mince! Gross… :)I’ll try banana once and see what happens – although they suggest leaving to fruit to a bit later (6/7 months). I see lots of trial and errors ahead! 🙂 Thanks – seems Celerac is the way to go!

  10. Thanks Deids! Seems Cerelac is the popular choice! I’ve got the blender – just need to get some suitable veggies! It seems one way to get it really fine, is to puree it, and then push through a sieve… Definitely a weekend activity for me, when I have time to do so! Goodluck with the chunky foods! 🙂

  11. Dankie! Klink my daai een is die maklikste! Sien so uit daarna om daai gesiggie te sien! Sal dalk bietjie wag met die vleis – lyk elk geval baie gross so fyn gemaak…yuk! Dalk as sy gewoond raak aan grower teksture! Lekker werk!! xxx

  12. Thanks Debs! Will try the cereal 1st, and see what she does! Want to try and give cereal in the morning and veggies in the evening..if possible! 😉 I see I will be doing a lot of cereal tasting with her! 🙂 Enjoy your day too!

  13. THanks Scott. I think most food are a bit bland with out sugaar,salt &butter… 🙂 But she doesnt know the difference yet!

  14. With me I dont feed my babies anything I can put in my own mouth (tasting before feeding)that means no baby cereals and purity veggies, i cant stand their smell and texture…….So I just cook…….for now we try feeding in da evenings when i come back from work…….3-4 spoons of mash, mash&carrots, butternutI like doing veggies first b4 the sweet fruits come in…….:)All the best to you

  15. I dont like porridge! And now I have to ‘make’ her eat it! I feel sorry that I have to start off bland, but for now its probably best! I agree with fruit only later, she’ll have a lifetime to have sweet things – just not yet! Thanks and to you too! 🙂

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