Getting the Sexy back…

I have noticed on a lot of blogs, people trying to loose weight. I’m one of the lucky ones, I lost all the weight I gained with my pregnancy within a month. Plus a few interest. And now it’s starting to climb right back! And before you think Im a skinny-malinks…Im not. When I fell pregnant, I was already about 15-20kgs overweight for my height etc… So I was over the moon with the extra weight loss, guess it was due to the breastfeeding. And now that I’m breastfeeding less (and eating less healthy too, skipping meals etc..), the scale is heaving once again. Cry


Now I know most of us women would like to look like an Angelina Jolie, gorgeous figure, beautiful lips and long shiny hair- and bonus if you can date Brad Pitt and bear his children… You get the picture, we live in a world where being ‘skinny’ is kind of expected and desired.

Anyways – sometimes however its more than just the weight. Before the pregnancy I was happy with what God gave me, be it now a bit more than I needed, but I was happy and confident with that. But now, a year later…I have lost my Sexy! Surprised


I can’t seem to find Her anywhere. She’s not in the shops – I mean have you seen this season’s fashion?? Its just skinny jeans & leggings, with tight fitting tops that seem to drape down to your knees, not exactly flattering for the shape I’m in (and yes, round too is a shape). I can’t find anything that suits my ‘frame’, or what I like or makes me look and feel more WOMAN! Im stuck wearing clothes from 1-2yrs ago, and even some of my maternity outfits… Not sexy at all! 

Im not seeing her in the mirror … Just see a lumpy person, with 2 milk jugs and a lot of stretch marks and a big scar, no amount of tissue oil will make that go away completely. And don’t forget the muffin top tummy – I still look a few months pregnant.

I hardly have time most morning to do my hair, as Im sitting here, its looks like I just got out of bed! Thank goodness in my job, we don’t see our clients face to face everyday – I might scare them away!

My skin is in crisis, been 5 months since my last facial, at least that I can fix – going for a facial tomorrow!

Wearing shapeless and unflattering feeding bra’s, also doesn’t add to ones confidence.

I can count the number of times DH saw me naked since May on one hand… Im avoiding it… because I just don’t feel Sexy no more. I have become a Mother, and somehow have traded in my Sexy for that. Foot in mouth


How do I get my Sexy back?!?

I know I’d be more confident finding my Sexy, weighing a lot bit less. So I’m considering joining Weightless or something. But that will only change the physical me… (if I stick to it mind you).


Its hard to change my new mindset, which is being a Mom first, then a Wife, and perhaps a Woman. In the Wife category it’s more household chores that get attention.


Starting this weekend, I’m going to try my best to change my thinking, to start looking after myself too, and realize once again for myself I am a Woman and a Sexy one too! I will take a long bath and pamper myself, I will go seek out the sexy lingerie in the bottom of my cupboard, I will ‘beautify’ myself (that includes shaving legs! Don’t have a lot of time to do that lately..lolKiss) and I will give DH an opportunity to see the ‘old’ me in a new light…


I challenge all of you, whether you have lost your Sexy like me or not – TO LOVE YOURSELF!!


To a great weekend!

PS: although my body and life has completely changed, I wouldnt trade having Jessica for the skinniest ass in the world!! Innocent


25 thoughts on “Getting the Sexy back…

  1. Good Lawd I’d do anything to avoid looking like the insectivorous Jolie….ye gods.but you have apoint, with the thrust of your blog.

  2. I used to think that too… but damn that Sexy can hide! 🙂 I just need to feel more woman, and find the balance between being a mom, wife and sexy! 😉

  3. LOL’s just used her as an example, but when I was younger I really wouldnt have minded to have Brad’s kids… *swoon* 😉 Thanks – we sometime forget to make time for ourselves and more important to Love Ourselfs (flawes and all!)

  4. I agree with your challenge, and I hope the partners in crime reading this (husbands, partners, boyfriends etc) will be part of encouraging their baby-mommies back into feeling good about themselves.

  5. Wonderful post! You wrote exactly what I feel when I look in the mirror.But my farmer doesn’t seem to mind. We’re even closer now than ever before after babygirl’s birth.

  6. Thanks Sanna! Hubby also doesnt seem to mind – its just all in my head! 😉 We are very close, its just the ‘physical side’ that suffered! TMI… 😛

  7. Its a state of mind and not what the scale says.’Big chicks’ or ‘skinny chicks’ can be equally sexy,it’s how you are inside that eminates the ‘sexy’So time to get your inner sexy back!

  8. Funny, I’ve never really like Brad Pitt.I reckon all our “sexy’s” have gone off and started a new town or something, I don’t have mine either.

  9. Ag he used to be ‘my hart se punt’ not so much anymore – he didnt age quite as well! hehe 🙂 Like your thinking – we should go seek the town and take our Sexy back!!

  10. I so know how you feel. Whats with some of the ridiculous clothes in the shops – who is wearing them??? As woman we have to accept that we are beautiful and as long as we are healthy, bugger the rest of it. enjoy your sexy weekend, think I’ll do the same 🙂

  11. Oh sweetie! I can so totally relate. And if you don’t do anything about it, it doesn’t get better. Going for a facial is a good start. I think it’s just what you need – someone to take care of you for an hour or two instead of you taking care of them. Also, try to set aside at least an hour a week that you can just recharge and do something for yourself. Whether it’s curling up with a naughty novel and some Lindt or having a long, lovely bath. Start to accept your new body (those stretch marks aint going nowhere) and aim to live a healthy life ;o) *hugs*

  12. I so hear you! I am only now starting to get myself back and boy is it hard work. Have been on weighless for 3 weeks now and have lost 2.6kg so far(with a few cheats here and there so it could have been better) and I have found it easy to follow and most importantly I am not hungry.We have so many roles to play, mother, wife, employee, etc but if you don’t look after yourself first (and I know this sounds selfish but hear me out) you cannot fulfil your other roles to the best of your ability.Take your time and go easy on yourself, you will get that sexy back, she is still in there!

  13. Ai ek weet presies hoe jy voel! Ek wonder partykeer hoekom moet dit so deksels moeilik wees om bietjie ekstra gewig te verloor – dis torture! Ek wil volgende jaar by Curves aansluit – want as ek nie by ‘n gim of iewers oefen nie sal ek nooit oefen nie – ek haat dit! Maar ek stem – moenie so hard op jouself wees nie. Jy is nog steeds die pragtige mens wat jy voorheen was – en is nog steeds sexy – al voel dit partykeer nie so nie! Geniet die naweek (en die lingerie!) xxx

  14. xxx I feel for you as I am with you, right there in the same boat.FOUR words! Adventure Bootcamp for Women…try it!

  15. Thanks Tigger! Its so easy to loose yourself (and your Sexy) between work, household chores and being a Mommy! I have 3 books waiting for me… should make some time for them (and me!). *hugs*

  16. Ek is net glad nie uitgeknip vir gym nie… ek het al aangesluit, betaal en nooit gegaan nie. Ek het net nie die motivering om 6h00 in die oggend te gaan gym nie, en deesdae ook nie die tyd nie! Gaan die yummy mummy challenge opneem van Lunar! Kan nie so ‘moedeloos’ voel nie, net my as lig en iets doen daaromtrent! Hoop jou naweek was sommer BAIE lekker met Neville weer terug by die huis! xxx

  17. Thanks – just read up on it! Sounds interesing, I just dont know where to make time for something like this! Im up from about 4am in the morning with Jessica, then between 5-7pm its her time again… Seems I also have to be cautious about loosing too much weight while nursing…eish! BUT, Im still going to do something about this!!

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