Pinks Friday Quiz #64

I used to do this one often on my food blog! If you’d like to compete – post a comment on Pinks blog and complete the quiz!

Her blog and the questions you can find here! My answers arent all that serious… Tongue out  oh and you’ve got until this afternoon to play!


1. What is an éclade des moules?

 Chocolate mole eclaire

2. What is spaetzle?

a few drops agains the wall…spaetzles! Innocent


3. What type of animal correctly predicted Germany’s FIFA world cup win?



4. What is the difference between butterscotch and caramel?

Caramel is made from sugar (and water) only, and butterscotch sugar & cream or milk. I think…


5. What is the main ingredient of the Middle Eastern spread called baba ganoush?



6. What is the main ingredient of the Italian aperitif, called cynar?



7. Why is starfruit toxic to patients with chronic renal failure?

Question is, what renal failure?!


8. What is bitterballen?

A very bitter ball…


9. What gives red velvet cake its red colour?

Lots of red food coloring – sometimes even beetroot extract or something.


10. What are the main ingredients of a Californian roll?

Rice, Seeweed, Avo, cucumber, fish (salmon, prawn, crabstick)


10 thoughts on “Pinks Friday Quiz #64

  1. I will post the answers soon – sorry that it is late, but I spent some time with my children yesterday and was too tired to do a post last night!!

  2. Hey Pinks -gaan baie goed met Jessica, sy is die soetste klein dingetjie! πŸ™‚ Geniet die tyd saam met jou kinders! πŸ™‚

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