PVA (plan of action)

Since my last post I have googled diets, Boot Camps, Gyms, etc… I just don’t have the time or money for most of it – still recovering from being (almost) salaryless for almost 4months… Money mouth(BTW thank you for all the comments, it makes me feel better knowing Im not the only one feeling like that). Anyways…

I have come up with my ‘own’ plan of action. Hubby will dig out my mini trampoline from the garage. Starting on the weekend I will try (emphasis on the TRY) and make an effort at exercising, even if it’s just 10min in the evening! Weekends we will restart our Sunday walk around the neighborhood. Looking at our eating habits, its really not that bad – come to think of it, I might be eating too little (during the day), hence my body just wants to hold on to everything I do eat. I’m a notorious breakfast/lunch skipper… So effort will be made to eat something for breakfast and I’m going to halve my dinner portion (where possible) and eat the ‘left over’ half for lunch. Just need some fruit for snacks and drink a (lot) more water! I’m setting myself 5kg goals, 3 of them… but 5kg sounds better than 15kg’s, no? Hope I’ll get halfway by Dec…no pressure!

As example: Today I ate my lunch for breakfast, because I didn’t have time to sit down and eat cereal, and now Im munching on my ‘emergency’ stash of salticrax…OI VEY! By the time I get home Im so hungry I can eat a horse and then try my darn best to do so! Innocent Now I just need scale – been sneakily weighing myself at my Mom’s house – not a bad thing perhaps, motivation to feel the weight & cm’s ‘drop’  fall-in-slowmotion off…. Foot in mouth


After reading Charlotte’s blog this week, being sad at possibly not having more kids. I started thinking of my own pregnancy and child(ren). We want to have another, but its not to say that we will be Blessed with another Baby… My pregnancy was a breeze, but the last 2 months of it I was sooo busy at work I hardly had time to pause when Madam kicked or to just rub my tummy or take the time to talk to her. I was under so much pressure and stress and Im sure she ‘suffered’ with me. I never paused to think – this might be the last one… Undecided

I will make an effort to celebrate all Jessica’s firsts, from smiles to teeth to steps and falls. We don’t know what God has in store for us for the future, it might include a 2nd child, it might not. *sorry its just something that I’ve been thinking of…*


In other Happy News – Jessica is being christened in November. We needed to book a venue to accommodate the family afterwards for lunch. Anyone used Pick&Pay recently for catering? They have a selection of platters they put together – looks nice on their website and it’s an inexpensive way to feed 35-odd people.


OOOH and update on the eating! I bought Jessica some Cerelac Rice Cereal and a few bottles of Purity. I should have known better re the Purity – she didn’t like the butternut all that much – then again neither did I, it tasted like it was burnt in the pot or something, that bitter taste… YUK! I’ll make some veggies on the weekend and puree away! The cereal is going lots better – probably ‘cos it tastes sweeter (yes I took a bite). For now only giving her a bit in the evenings – she eats 1-2 teaspoons before she refuses to open her mouth! Very cute, how she knows I don’t want no more and ‘clamp’ her mouth shut. SealedI took lots of pics – but don’t have time to download today…will post them tomorrow – another piccie Friday!


I’ve been wondering if the shopping spammers actually get some business from all their spammails/comments?! ROFLMoney mouthTongue out


FAB evening to you all!



19 thoughts on “PVA (plan of action)

  1. Good luck with the diet. I’m also on a mission to lose my weight and have been sticking to my diet for 4 months now with the odd treat for special occassions like birthdays. Am 10kg’s down now. Still have a way to go but have found it’s getting easier. Like you I was also a meal skipper. I don’t always get the breakfast right but am having lunch and manage brekkie at least 3-4 times a week.

  2. Im hoping its step (or jump) in the right direction! How is Chantelle – she’s been quiet!! Not even begging me for Jessica pics… very unlike her!

  3. Thanks Cams! Thats awesome! Any tips on/from your diet?? I dont have a sweet tooth, so chocolates etc are easy to skip, chips and savoury goodies thats another story for me! But I better ban the urge/lis for cake far far away!

  4. A whole combo of things I think. Changed living arrangements which means overall I’m happier so am sure that has helped. Eat before 7pm, cut out bread (my love and my nemesis although have had the odd wrap) Try eat 3 meals a day. Other than that I’ve been eating pretty much the way I always do. Low fat/sugar. Also changed my antiD’s

  5. I’ve used Pick&Pay for catering- the platters are big, and can easily feed a crowd. Much less messy than braaiing or something else. I guess the trick is to make sure the food doesn’t sit around for too long before you guys eat, or it dries out/gets soggy.

  6. Whats this OIVEY I keep seeing?Liam never liked purity, if we bought 2 jars it was a lot. We steamed and mushed veggies for him.

  7. Good luck with the weight loss!!I must join you! I have seen an advert for an online weigh loss program and lifestyle change?! Jessica sounds tooo cute!! I haven’t ever used Pick and Pay but I have heard it is quite good, not marvellous, but pretty good! Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Thanks Scott! Feeding 35 people is a expensive undertaking, so we tought fingerfoody platters would be more efficient! 😉

  9. hehe 🙂 Think its a Jewish thing…Its like OMGosh or ‘liewe land’… 🙂 I dont have a steamer, thought Id sommer just cook it the old fashioned way..or nuke it in the microwave! ;O

  10. Dankie Pinks! Daar is soveel ads vir die gewig stories, dit maak mense se kop spin! Sy is die oulikste en dierbaarste ou dingetjie! Ek het ook nog nooit nie, dit lyk/klink ordentlik. As die mense nie daarvan hou, daar is ‘n spur oorkant die pad! 😉 Geniet die naweek!(PS: ek gaan hopenlik nou nou paar fototjies opsit van Jessica!)

  11. Remember that boiling and microwaving makes veggies lose their nutrients. I steam veggies in a sieve over a pot of boiling water. They look nicer too 😉

  12. Thanks for the tip! I thought I’ll have to get a bamboo steamer of sorts…Now I’ll multitask with the sieve (sommer use it to puree the food too- minder skottelgoed).

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