Piccie Friday

Piccie Friday!!

Sorry this is quite a hit and run…. Weekend is going to be a busy one, no rest for the wicked!

Back to the piccies!

Jessica having her 1st bites of food, butternut – which she didnt like all that much, and the cereal which went a lot better!

We took a little video of her too – she ‘grilled/was grossed out’ with the 1st few happies – too cute! 🙂 It can only get better!! Will make some homemade veggies on the weekend (Thanks Helen_77 for the steam tip – with a sieve!)

Little Madam in her ‘farmer suit’…

And then the Furry Child (Piper), with her Furry Friend (Blondi). We dont know where Blondi comes from, if he even has a home. He’s been squatting on our stoep since about Apr. Feel sorry for the poor thing (he doesnt look all that cared for, scruffy and skinny), have been giving him some food once a day, trying to keep him out of the house though – he loves to mark his territory (GRRRR) . He does have gorgeous light green eyes  – really soulful!

Anyways – enjoy the weekend, be good and what ever you do, do it Awesome!!



17 thoughts on “Piccie Friday

  1. Ag my jinne Sharon sy is te oulik! Ek is bly die pappies was darem lekker vir haar! Ek kook al Kayla se kossies self en sy is mal daaroor! Dit wat oorbly vries jy sommer in ‘n ysbakkie en dan maak jy net elke keer ‘n paar blokkies warm. Julle moet ‘n lekker naweek hê! Geniet dit! xxx

  2. I love the faces they pull when they experience a new taste or texture. Too cute.White vinegar diluted in a spray bottle of water is really good for neutralising cat pee smells.Enjoy the weekend

  3. Love the “njommies food” pictures, she is so cute. Her hair is growing fast huh.I also steamed fresh veggies for Minki – for about 2 days! Seriously – Purity is just as good, she loved it, especially on the Stage 3 when there is pasta in.

  4. Dankie – hoop julle naweek was ook lekker! Ek het die naweek paar groente gemaak (butternut, wortels & babymarrow), klein porsies gedeel (smaak my ons het net 1 ysbakkie in die huis…) Hopenlik gaan dit beter! Vanoggend wou sy niks weet van pap eet nie! 🙂 Lekker dag!! xxx

  5. She can pull quite a face! :)Thanks for the advise, for now trying to keep him outside! 🙂 Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Jong die hare is ‘n euwel…ek moet dit eintlik (laat) sny, dis halwe mauhawk wat sy aan die gang het (met die bles kolletjie inbetween ook agter!) Die purity het nie eens vir my na butternut geproe nie…het maar die stoom ding gedoen – sommer paar veggies gemaak, het nou genoeg vir die week! Dink die ‘groter’ stage kossies is dalk lekkerder, asook die vrugte natuurlik!

  7. Thanks! Nope, very useful info!! 🙂 Hubby is a bit Anti-Blondi (from all the spray-peeing in the house)…For now he’s a fosterchild, living on the stoep (he’s got a chair & blanket to sleep on!)

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