Random Updates

I do apologise for my absence! Work happened, worst is over for now! Tongue out

I dont know for how much longer I will be ‘online’…my work PC is on the ‘blink’ – just a matter of time now before it bombs out completely. Cant open my Outlook at all since Wednesday, I have to ‘hijack’ computers to get my work done. A bit of a mission, but I get the job done…for now! Have to give the bosses a proposal nogal to motivate a new PC, (not just to fix this one again – think it will be the 4th new harddrive!), how difficult could it be: NO PC = NO WORK! Innocent Hope to get a laptop/notebook!

On the Jessica front:

She was 5 months on Monday – I cant believe time is going so fast!

She is doing so well, I really cant complain about anything! The eating wasnt going great, but its all new to her so I get that. This week we asked the school to give her a bit of rice-pap, when the other kids have lunch – so she can eat with them, and watch and learn so to speak – teacher very happy, she’s eating about a teaspoon without any fuss! So next week, we will start with pappies in the morning, and then they will give her a bit of veggies during the day (lunchtime +/-12pm). I am a bit worried that she doesnt drink enough. Still only milk, no water or tea. She has about 6 feeds (of which 3 are boobmilk & the others formula, 225ml @), which she gets about every 3hrs, between 4am & 7pm. SHe’s still growing and all, so not worrying yet or should I? Undecided

Talking about milk – Im oh so proud of myself for still being able to breastfeed! Im aiming to carry on at least until 6months, or until she bites me! LOL

The past 2 days she’s been sleeping until 5am, which gooi’s my morning routine to the birds. If I dont bath/shower between 05h15 & 6h00, Im late…horribly late! hehe. She still goes to bed around 19h30 (after her last bottle) and then only wakes between 04h00 & 05h00. No bottles or anything during the night. Her ‘morning wake-up’ is also not a crying one, you just hear her chatting away and because we have to get up soon, we fetch her! Im sure if we leave her, she will probably sleep some more! hehe :)Weekend, we sleep until about 7am – bliss!

On Thursday morning, we found her lying on her tummy! Somehow she turned during the night! As ‘cool’ as that was, I hope she doesnt make a habit of it (when is it save for babies to sleep on their tums?).

Last Sunday we went to church for the 1st time in 5 months… I know very very bad – and we made it, no hassles. She was a bit chatty, so I went to sit in the mother/baby room (no one else there) and she fell asleep, woke up just before the sermon was over.

This week she started to sit by herself for short periods (like only a few seconds), she’s still working on the balancing/ co-ordination but getting there! I let her ‘sit’ up while I get dressed, surrounded by pillows! πŸ™‚ Very cute – she gets so excited, especially when she spots Kitty and she falls over! Laughing

Still no teeth, although they’ve been lingering since July! She still eats/chews anything and everything, hoping her teething wont be a painful process! My mom told me I had teeth easily, she didnt know about it – until I gave her pearly smiles! Laughing

She is as chatty as ever! She makes a lot of different sounds (alas no Mamma or Da-da…). One of her favorites are to make sounds like: “aarrr” ok she stretches it out, and makes like a ‘deeper’ voice for that – my little pirate!! hehe Foot in mouth Cant wait for her to speak actual words and sentences!!

This afternoon we have a babyclass at the creche – they are demonstration “Mind Moves” for us parents – no idea what its about, but sounds like much fun for the babies! Anything to help her grow and learn!

Tomorrow Im hunting for a dress for her christening on the 6th of Nov… Mommy also needs an outfit and shoes…because I can! πŸ™‚ Mommy has gained 4kgs since being back at work! Frightening!!! Still havent started with the healthy/workout thing – BUT effort will be made, as soon as I have money to buy groceries and all the correct ‘diety’ foods! Payday COME ON!!!

This was Madam on Sunday in her ‘church’ frok..

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!



19 thoughts on “Random Updates

  1. Milk qtys seem fine, wouldn’t worry about not having other goodies just yet, I think I only introduced Liam to other fluids nearer to 1.Sounds like a good little sleeper, very similar to how Liam was. No feeds or wakings during the night from 4 months.Darn that weight that attaches itself to our assesNice post, thanks for the update, Jess is gorge

  2. My pc is ook nie lekker nie jong – of miskien is ek te veel op Parent24 – dit hang die heeltyd! Ek kan ook nie verstaan wat die issue is met ‘n nuwe rekenaar nie – hoe moet jy dan werk as jy nie een het nie? Sjoe – ons was ook bietjie lanklaas in die kerk – ek hou nie regtig daarvan om in die moederskamer te sit nie. Sy klink te oulik – en daai rokkie is so fraai! Geniet die klas vanaand – en lekker naweek vir julle! (Moenie so stil wees nie!) xxx

  3. Wow Sharon…….my lil man turned 5months on last saturday!!! and I must say I see him do all the things Jessica does. I really enjoy his sleeps as he wakes up sametime as I do to go to work :)Cute little smile there!!

  4. what a beautiful pic … she’s lovely πŸ™‚ don’t worry about the fluids. she’s drinking plenty of milk and their food at this age also has alot of water in (my paed told me that) … so for the first year they don’t really need alot of “other” fluids πŸ™‚ Oh PS. Sweetpea and her are only a couple days apart and Sweetpea doesn’t drink any “other” fluids either :-)About the sleeping on her tums – my paed said its safe once they can lift their heads well and as long as there are no loose blankets or toys nearby that could smother them. I remember Munchkin started sleeping on her tummy at around 6 months … no matter how we put her to sleep she ended up on her tummy πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks Helen… i’ll delay the water/tea for a while longer – not that she wants to drink it now anyways! πŸ™‚ I know, just when I think I’ve lost some weight – I find it again on my ASS! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  6. dankie! sy is nogal ‘n vriendelike baba – sy staar jou eers uit jou klere, en sal dan smile as sy jou like! hehe πŸ™‚

  7. My rekenaar het begin met stadig gaan, maar dis als anders (Word etc…) internet nog heeltdy half reg… vir nou! Nee jong – ons trek ook moontlik kantoor een vna die dae, so om laptops te kry maak meer sin, moet dit nou net ‘goedgekeur kry’…Die moederskamer was darem leeg, as ander mense daar, weet ek sommer mens kan eintlik maar huistoe, want jy gaan niks luister/hoor nie. probeer haar nou gewoond maak daaraan, sy het haar vergaap aan al die mense en singery! πŸ™‚ Dankie – hopenlik sal dit nou beter gaan, en meer kom kuier/inloer! ons moet nog ‘n koffie date maak – die jaar amper op ‘n einde!! Geniet die naweek!! xxxx

  8. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful little girl, she is so very cute *love*Enjoy the solids stage! I loved feeding my little guy in the beginning, now we have a lot of trouble with fussiness πŸ™‚

  9. I went to church every Sunday till Minki was about 18months, then it became just too hectic. She can’t sit still, running all over the place and singing on top of her voice (whilst the rest of the congregation is praying!). Now only one of us will go, the other toddler-sits at home.Love her church dress, super sweet.

  10. Lol thanks Scott, part of me doesnt want a laptop – they might expect of me to work all hours from home too! πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks BeeW! I prefer almost for her to wake around 4am for a feed, then fall asleep again! πŸ™‚ That way I have enough time to get through my morning goodies!

  12. Thanks Nusha! Im glad to hear about the fluids, I wont worry now – although in this heat, hope she drinks a bit more than usual! πŸ™‚ Jessica grabs anything within reach and pulls it to her face (to put in her mouth). Trying to keep the blankets away from her grasp! When she was smaller, we use to put her down on her sides (alternating) but each morning she will be flat on her back! Must be a favorite position!

  13. Thanks Debs! Ek hoop die kossies eet bly vir haar lekker! wil het sy moet alles proe, en hopenlik van die meeste hou! πŸ™‚

  14. Ons het ‘n kinderdiens, maar dit sal eers later vir haar lekker/interesant wees! dink soos hulle ouer word, hoe minder wil hulle so lank stilsit! My ma moes ons bribe met kielies en sweets! hehe πŸ™‚ Dankie! πŸ™‚

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