Da Da Da…

And no, thats not the song in my head…its Jessica’s first ‘words’. Da-Da could not be any prouder!!! She’s also started to say mmm-mmmh when eating – very cute, but alas no Mamma… Cry

Last night I dreamt she got 6 teeth at the same time, they sommer sprouted all on one day too – 1st thing I checked this morning was her gums!! Nothing yet! Her gums were a bit swollen last night, and her poor boudjies red – going to the pharmacy this afternoon to get anti-acid thingies, school-tannie said could be excess acid…

She’s eating beautifully – eating about 3 tspns at a time. She’s had carrots & butternut so far – and she likes it! Next veggies on the list are sweetpotato, potato & babymarrow. Also want to try cauliflower- dont know if that might be a too strong taste! Yell Does any one know whether you can freeze purity? The fruity ones. Havent started to give her that yet (perhaps from next month), but will also start will only a few teaspoons at 1st, but dont want it to go ‘off’ if we dont use it within the 2day recommendation… not end of the world though!

This was yesterday, happy child o’mine!

I see future fights about this ‘contraption’

Her little hoedjie! Fraai ne’?

Sunday is the big day, her Christening. Leaving early today for some ‘last minute’ shoppings. Got her a cute little pink dress, Daddy’s got a new outfit, Mommy has an outfit (which Im not settled on yet – maybe I see something else this afternoon), need to get Madam a short of sorts to cover her nappy! We decided to book some tables at the local Spur, ordered platters, breads & salad and that will have to do for Sunday lunch. The ‘konsistorie’ wasnt the brightest to hire, too much work and effort and besides, the Spur is just across the road from church! And if anyone wants to eat anything else, they can do so – out of their pocket! Whats the ‘etiket’ with regards to Christenings & pressies? We bought small gifts for our friends, but my sister is going all out – which to me is unnecessary… I dont know?

Tip for new (& existing)moms:

Once you start braving the world outside, when you do happen to be in the shops around feeding time, and the thermo bag thingie didnt keep the water as warm as you (baby) would like it: Wimpy Mega Coffee mugs are the perfect size to reheat a bottle of milk, just ask for hotwater (tommee tipee fits snug). And you relax with a float or milkshake!

Pressed for time*, do you have a Woolies food nearby? All woolies foods have microwaves to heat meals, pop your bottle in there! (had to do this last weekend…shopping ‘spree’ ran over Madams lunchtime! Lifesaver woolies to the rescue! )

*this is only if you make formula, warm the water, of if you aren’t all that fussy, you can heat the milk this way too – just dont overheat it as that will kill the nutrients…or something.

Congrats to all the New Arrivals – exciting times!!!

Okie dokes , that’s me out of here….

Have an awesome week!!



35 thoughts on “Da Da Da…

  1. Aaaag she is such a cutie pie! So friendly and smiley!! Gorgeous pics, Sharon!Enjoy the christening and the further adventures of Purity!

  2. Thank you!! Got the Tastemag on the weekend – awesome feature!! 🙂 You must be soo proud!! PS: do you perhaps know which tissue salts preggy ladies can take for the excess water/ swollen hands/feet? Some one once told me – I completely forgot what!

  3. dankie!! Sy smile nogal baie – goeie ding! 🙂 Ek probeer so min moontlik purity koop – maar dink dis die maklikste as dit by die vrugte kom… Die veggies sal ek eerder self maak – baie braaf! hehe 🙂

  4. Jess is so snookems!Don’t know about freezing purity, Liam never liked it. Y not try mashing some strawberries & bananas tho. Could work.

  5. A daddys gal already :). Dont worry once Mama starts its nonstop to a point where changing ur title is esmerelda is SO tempting haha

  6. I was warned against cauliflower and winds. Not sure if it’s an old wive’s tale or based on the truth but I didn’t want to take a chance so I’m holding off a bit. We’re also going to try baby marrow for the first time :)No idea re the freezing of the Purity, maybe you should email them?

  7. Ai tog…toe Kalen begin praat het het hy sooo mooi pappa gese en vir my het hy Baa genoem !?Oor die blomkool…jy sal maar moet probeer en kyk of sy dit eet…elke kleintjie het sy eie smaak. Elri eet die SNAAKSTE goed…sy suig tot al agurtjies (sp?)Jou voortrekertjie is tog te cute 😉

  8. Ah those first sounds, it is always dada for some reason. I still only get a mama or mommy occasionally, it is easiers just to say ugh apparently LOL.Jessica is just getting more gorgeous by the day.

  9. Ag jinne – sy is te oulik! Geniet die doop Sondag – en neem baie foto’s hoor! Dis so spesiaal! Het ook nog nie blomkool gegee nie – laat weet maar wat maak sy. Ek koop ook net die Purity met vrugte – dis net baie makliker. Kayla is mal oor die custart met piesang en die vrugte met joghurt. Yummy! Verder koop ek maar die groente self. Lekker dag vir jou! (Ons moet nou regtig reel vir daai koffie date hoor! xxx

  10. Thanks – mommy’s snookems! Will try the fruit next month… today she’s getting her 1st taste of squash! 🙂 Would like to make most of her food myself – that way I know what in it, and that it should taste ok! hehe 🙂

  11. Weet jy, ek was by al wat ‘n winkel is in, en kry nie veel nie! het nou so ougat ‘cheeky’ broekie met polka dots op – sal maar die trick moet doen!

  12. Oooh – will hold off with cauliflower for now, mind you it makes adults farty! hehe 🙂 Ill check their website…thanks!

  13. LOL – she’s got a wide variety of sounds, but the mmmmammaa lacks! Sometimes it sounds like she says “ja” and “hi” but then it could just be my mommmy-imagination! Thanks 🙂 *proud mommy moment*

  14. dankie – gaan sommer Sat al begin foto’s neem, wil nie Sondag jaag of iets mis nie! Hopenlik kan ek haar rokkie skoon hou! hehe 🙂 Daai flavors klink lekker! Sal dit later probeer! Ek gaan ook maar die groente ding self doen, voel beter om dit vir haar te gee, as ‘n gekoopte botteltjie wat nie regtig na iets smaak nie (of glad proe soos dit moet!)Ons moet ons moet – geniet jou naweek, ons moet kyk in Nov eendag gou! 🙂 xxxx

  15. Beautiful Jessica!I was really lucky, my Jessica never wanted her bottle warmed, she had breast until 7 months and then only wanted black rooibos. She never wanted formula or cows milk. The tea had to be cold and even from the fridge was fine by her!Hugs. xx

  16. Thanks! She doesnt want her milk if its too cold for her liking! Hope it gets better when I start with the water & tea! 🙂 Have a great day! xxx

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