Family Piccie

If my hubby had to see this – he would die, me posting his pic on a public platform! Sorry Skattie! hehe 🙂

This was taken on Sunday with the Christening! We dont have a lot of photo’s of just us 3 together!

I will put up more pics next week – still have to download them (stole this one off FB…)

PS/Edit: of course now none of us where smiling properly here…dammit!

Have a lovely weekend, may it rain or just cool down in Gauteng for a bit!!



39 thoughts on “Family Piccie

  1. janee, dit lyk nie eers of hy daar wil wees nie lol! en ons gaan blykbaar vrek van die hitte tot maandag, wanneer dit hopelik gaan reen. lekka weekend!!! xx

  2. Hy raak erg ongemaklik voor ‘n camera!Daar was ook so baie mense wat foto’s geneem, nie meer geweet vir wie om te kyk en wanneer om te smile nie! hehe :)Gaan plan maak en swem die naweek!! 🙂 Lekker shop!! 🙂 x

  3. Stunning! It’s good to make a point of getting a few family shots together otherwise it’s always one of you behind the camera

  4. beautiful family 🙂 Jessica is so pretty! we also have very very few pics with all of us in it. mostly just of the kids … that’s why i decided to TRY to do a family photoshoot once a year 🙂

  5. What a lovely looking family you are! Congratulations on Jessica’s Christening. Such a special occasion. Hugs. xx from me and my Jessica to you and your Jessica. xx

  6. Thanks! WE have mostly one behind the camera and the other ducking OUT of the picture! 🙂 I need family pics for frames I bough (which has been standing empty for almost a year…)

  7. LOL’s I dont forget… showing different pics! 😉 Need to update FB though!! hehe 🙂 Sy word nou so vinnig groot!! xx

  8. Haha – is nogal, mens het hierdie ‘picture’ in jou kop van hoe mense moet lyk! 🙂 Dankie!! *bors trots uitgestoot ;)*

  9. Very nice pic. Atleast you have something, I don’t have any family pics, as either me or DH is usually behind the lens. I even thought of booking ourselves to a studio so we can have something.

  10. What a stunning little family you have, wow wow! Baie geluk met Jessica se doop, sy het pragtig gelyk en jy ook so mooi in die pers top.

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