I are back…

I’m back, Im back! Changed my browser to FireFox – and we are up and running (blogwise any ways!)

I feel like Ive been gone for ages!! Its so busy at the office, was hoping things will calm down in Dec, but alas its not letting up yet! Perhaps after next week!

Little Jessica is doing so well! 6month weighin: 7kgs, 68cm. She cut her first 2 teeth a week after her Christening (2nd week in Nov) and has now been chewing her way through everything!! 🙂 Only put your finger in her mouth if you dont value a finger tip!! Getting her to smile for the camera, well its a challenge! Doesnt stop me from trying!

I do have an allergy concern… her sinus is not going away, and her chest is all ‘raspy’. Been to the GP Dr, was on antibiotics, Nebulizing with saline… got Rinex from the pharmacy, which is now clearing up the nose – but the chest is another thing. Taking her to the Paed tomorrow – cant go on like this! Although I have a suspision it might be the CAT(hair)!! Dont know what to do if it is…

Eating is going very well, so well in fact she doesnt drink half as much milk as she use too. Again I dont know if I should worry? Yesterday as example, she had a bit of milk at 05h30 (boob +/- 60-100ml), porridge at creche @ 08h00, refused to drink anything, had lunch (veggies) @  12h00, fruit @ 14h00 and only drank her 1st bottle @ 15h00, only had about 150ml.  When she got home 17h00, offered her some boob, which she drank eagerly. Dinner was a bit of veggies& fruit. Last bottle @ 19h30 she again only drank about 150ml… I dont know if she’s simply not thirsty, is there more teeth on the way or is her throat perhaps sore with the snots going on? Another thing to ask the paed!

Talking about eating – she is eating really well! She still loves her butternut, sweet potato, gem squash and babymarrow. In the past 2 weeks introduced a bit of chicken (pureed – recipe below), hubbart sqash, broccoli, cauliflower and fruit! And yes she eats it all!

I actually got the chicken idea from a Woolies Baby Food tub (yes, I did buy her that ONCE!) ITs chicken mixed with sweet potato, onions, carrots, butternut, tomato & what ever else they had in it.

Woolies Baby Chicken & Veg ‘Rip off”:

 1 x cubed chicken breast

 a bit of olive oil (or spray & cook)

 about 1 tspn finely chopped onions

 1 tspn tomato puree

 1/2 grated carrot

 a bit of water and parsley.

Lightly brown the chicken & onions in the oil (can even just use a bit of spray and cook – so it doesnt stick!), add the carrots, tomato puree, water & parsley and cook untill the chicken is done. (takes about 10-15min all in all) .

Once the chicken is cooked and cooled, puree with a blender. You can can use the ‘pan juices’ for a bit of moisture. It doesnt go superfine, but its perhaps a good thing to if you are trying to move onto ‘rougher’ textured foods.

This I divide into single portions of about 1tspn, and freeze.

For use: defrost (sic) and mix with veggies, a spoon each of butternut, sweet potato, babymarrow and/or broccoli. You can add your kids favorite veggies!  It does taste lekker, tried it myself! 🙂

Mommy wise: still breastfeeding for now – dont think it will last much longer! I still have milk, but not nearly enought! Takes 3 days before I can express enough for a full(ish) feed… Recon by Jan that will be a thing of the past! Still proud that I kept it up this long, especially while facing the challenges of not being able to express at the office… 

I have managed to GAIN all the weight I lost post preggy…all 6kgs of it! Luckily not the preggy weight yet! Im very disappointed in myself, but know where Im making the mistakes! My plan/ last resort is now to go see a dietician, so we can get rid of these  rolls in a healthy and proven way! We are going down to Ramsgate in March, and I would like to be a bit lighter by then!! 🙂

Work is still hectic.. we will probably keep working till the 23rd, then be on standby for the week between Xmas & New Years. Im looking so much forward to a bit of quiet time – hope its DEAD quiet then!!

Anyways – let me get back to work… Bleh…

Have a fantastic week!!



29 thoughts on “I are back…

  1. Yayy for the 2 teeth! Now the fun begins 😉 LOLYummy recipe – thanks!Best go to the paed… GP’s are not properly educated about little one’s & sometimes miss things. Good luck!

  2. Cute pic of the toothiepegs.My GP prescribed Allecet which is an antihistamine. Liam got a snotty nose at night when teething and I gave him Allecet in his nighttime bottle and it cleared up. You can get it OTC.Her diet sounds great, sometimes Liam hardly drinks anything either. I’m sure she’ll take it if she wants it, maybe the blocked nose is putting her off?Jess is gorgeous 😉

  3. Kyk net daai tande! Ai sy is te oulik – en sy word so groot! Dis wonderlik dat sy so ‘n goeie eetlus het! Dankie vir jou resep – sal dit bietjie probeer. Shame maar jy moet nog lank werk – ek hoop dit word sommer gou stil daar by julle. Hoop jy kry al jou antwoorde by die pead – niks lekker om so te worry oor wat fout kan wees nie. Ek voel ook “bleh” – die jaar kan nou maar klaar kry hoor! Lekker werk – of probeer altans! xxx

  4. Cute piccies!!! Ek is net so g@tvol vir myself oor die gewig ding….ek sukkel vir HOE lank om te verloor en tel dit weer op binne ‘n “blink” Ek is darem nou waar ek was voor Elri….nou moet ek nog verloor tot waar ek was voor Kalen….dink ek sal dit na Kersfees doen 😉

  5. Our GP is very nice and helpful, but guess its time to go to the ‘proffesionals’! 🙂 I’m dreading the next few teeth, hope they will be just as easy! *holding thumbs*

  6. Aww! She is gorgeous! You’re brave to be putting your boob near those piranna teeth… Aren’t you scared she bites you? *shudder*

  7. Thanks! She’s been on an antihistamine twice, (celestamine). It helps for the nose, but the chest still sounds bad. Its been almost a month now (I should be smacked for taking so long to go to the paed..)She really eats well, its just the fluids thats not so great. The nose isnt blocked anymore – wondering if its not the sinusdrip in her throat maybe? But again – she eats well! Eish… Thanks!! 😉

  8. Die tande is darem nou heeltemal uit. Wonder waar gaan die volgendes uitpop! 🙂 Die tyd gaan te vinnig verby, net nu die dag was sy nog ‘n ou pap baba en nou is sy ‘n klein madam met ‘n wil van haar eie hoor! Al gewoond om Dec te werk, gewoonlik is dit ons stil maand, maar sover is dit alles behalwe! Hoop ook die Paed het meer ant op die vrae! Wil net he sy moet nou gesond wees! Die bleh-gevoel help glad nie vir werk nie! Wens net die tyd om!! Dankie – jy ook, mag die volgende week omvlieg en dan die tyd stil staan! 🙂 xxx

  9. I love Woolies… get a lot of idead from their ranges! I’ve been buying the Purity fruit… still have to try and make my own – but not sure how to go about it? Do you cook the fruit or use fresh?? Please post some recipe ideas!! 😀

  10. Dankie!Ja nee ek is bitter disappointed, net toe dink ek gaan die gewig-war wen – dan WAM stick dit net weer terug op my bas! 🙂 hehe nou is ‘n slegte tyd vir dieet, sal maar dit die nuwe jaar weer aanpak! Mooi bly! 🙂

  11. Thanks! Those teeth did worry me – and my boob! But sofar she hasnt started nibbling, think the trick is to ‘get out of there’ as soon as she’s done drinking!! LOL 🙂

  12. such a cutie 🙂 love the little tooties … none for my Sweetpea yet! she sounds like she is eating well 🙂 i think as long as she is getting enough calcium in her diet then the milk thing shouldn’t be a problem … you can always use yoghurt to give her calcium intake a boost if you’re worried! Sweetpea has her 6 months check-up next week only even though she turned 6 months on the 18th November 🙂 naughty mummy i know …

  13. I’m not sure if your family celebrates it, but that first pic reminds me of the song “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”. And how cute to see her biting into the cot 🙂

  14. Ah cute photies.Hope shes ok after Dr visit.MKs snotty nose is definitely because of allergies,may be worth it to have her tested…it is expensive,but worth it in the long run

  15. Yay, missed the regular Jess pics!Yay also for the first 2 teeth, I know in my life it was a huge milestone!I hope you sort out the snot nose, I agree with Deblet, it sounds like allergies maybe?

  16. Ag jinne, Sharon, Jess se fototjies maak my altyd so broeis. Sy is pragtig, baie geluk met haar halwe jaar op moeder aarde en met die twee tandjies!

  17. I never booked the 6month check up with the paed, took her to the babyclinic and everything was fine.. Now I feel worse, because she had a sore throat… Want to start with yogurt! Im sure she will love that too! I hope Sweetpea’s toothies make an appearance soon!! 🙂

  18. Thanks – will look at the allergy tests in the new year. But for know she had a throat infection… I think its tooth related…

  19. Making note: download more piccies for her fans!! lolHaving teeth, she suddenly seems so ‘grown up’ if that makes any sense!?Will check for allergies in the new year, 1st had to sort the throat out…still secretly hoping its all teething related!!

  20. Oe jong- dalk moet ek stadig met die piccies dan!? hehe 🙂 Baie dankie – sjoe die tyd vlieg net te vinnig met die kleingoed!!

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