Monday ramdoms

Its almost Christmas… I cant get use to the thought … I thought I’d feel more Christmasy this year round, but alas nothing yet! Going to buy X-massy CD the weekend, hope that will help Jingle my Bells and all! Hehe J

Thinking back – last year this time I was pregnant, I had flu, my nephew got chicken pox just before Christmas, so it was a very non-event, as we had to do lunch in ‘batches’ so that I wouldnt be in contact with the virus…
This year Xmas is at hubbies family in Meyerton, looking forward to see everyone again! Jessica will be so spoilt, as everyone has to buy her a gift! (we do a ‘group gift’ thing for the rest). I got the most awesome gift for hubby, and he is totally not suspecting a thing!! I hope he will like it, he’s a difficult customer to buy for… and Im NOT buying a Skouspel DVD again!! (I know I know, its my culture and blah bah fishpaste, but I don’t cope well with Afr music, don’t know why, I just don’t!)

Paed visit went okay, again a throat infection. The last time she went to the Dr (GP) it was also throat and ears, and a week later she had 2 teeth – could this possibly be the reason?? She also started drooling excessively this weekend… Im on the lookout for some toothies!! She’s drinking better than last week, so the throat is clearing up. I do hope she didn’t inherit my tonsils!! My Dr just want to take mine out, and Im holding on to them for as long as I can!!!

On the last update I totally forgot to mention our Little Madam has been sitting by herself since 5 ½ months. She now sits totally unsupported and makes a dive for what she wants! She’s rolling around, and ‘leopard crawling/pushing’ backwards slightly! Her new thing this week has been trying to pull herself up, against what ever she can get hold of. I usually let her sit in her cot while I finish for work (her room is my ‘dressing room’) and now I have to pull up the sides of the cot, as Im afraid she might just get up and fall over (and out!).

Her 6month report was also very well received by this proud mommy. The only thing she needed to work on was holding a bottle by herself, which since then I’ve been encouraging, so for short whiles, she does hold her bottle!

You will also never guess what she has mastered??!! She talks, she babbles, she says Da Da, Ta Ta (okay not in any context, but its in her vocabulary) still no Mamma, BUT BUT BUT she WHISTLES!! By default, but still… Think she got this from Daddy who whistles when he changes her nappy. So she makes an ‘O’ mouth, and breathes quickly and voila in between little whistles comes out!! SOOOO adorable!!! J She might not say Mama Yet, but if she whistles I come! Hehe

Jessica is staying with her Gran for this week, the crèche closed for the holidays on Friday, looking forward to next week, when I might have more time at home!! Hubby is on leave from Monday, so he will babysit – he’s looking forward to that too!

Work seems a bit calmer today, either that or Im ignoring the pile I have to still do for the week…

Let me get to it I guess – don’t feel like doing much today! But the day is flying fast!! I like!!

Have an awesome day!!



18 thoughts on “Monday ramdoms

  1. Aww jitte mommy!! How cute is it that she can whistle!! I am soooo going to whistle around Maddy & hopefully she learns to whistle too 🙂 Te oulikies xxx

  2. Teething does often cause snotty and sore throat, shampies man, poor little thing.Ag mammie on the whistling, how cute is that?

  3. Ag my jinne – sy klink te ougat mamma! Dit help nogal as hulle alleen kan sit – maak dinge bietjie makliker! Ag shame ek hoop sy voel sommer gou beter – ek sien daar enetjie van my het ook alweer die naweek ‘n loop neus begin kry – lyk my dit hou net nooit op nie! Sterkte met die laaste paar dae – darem is die verkeer heelwat beter. Ek het ‘n kersfees CD in my kar – en dit help nogal om in die gees van Kersfees te kom! En ek sing saam hoor! Jy moet lekker bly en gee vir klein Jessica ‘n groot drukkie! xxx

  4. Yay for the sitting. Da da da is the first recognisable sound in English that baba’s make, no surprise the fathers of yesteryear claimed it for themselves.

  5. Dankie! Sy darem beter al, maar ek dink dis daai tande wat pla! Smeer nou maar die gums goed, en gee haar goed om te kou! Wil kyk om die naweek vir haar ‘n stuk biltong te kry – kyk of dit help! Seker sy sal dalk gril, of as sy haar ma se kind is – dan eet sy dit op!!!

  6. I know…its inevitable that Da Da would be said 1st! 🙂 BUT sounded like she said Ma-Ma this morning!!! Im ecstatic!! 😀

  7. JOng hierdie kindta wil nie stil sit nie!! hehe 🙂 Sy wil net move en staan en en en.. vanoggend haarself teen die kot opgetrek! Ek dink dis dalk tande wat al die snotters en keelseer veroorsaak. Hopenlik kom die tande nou vinnig, sodat sy kan ‘normaal’ voel! hehe – ek probeel vir Jessica Krismis songs sing, maar ek sukkel om woorde te onthou – al wat vashak is Jingle Bells! hehe 🙂 Dankie!! Drukkies vir julle ook! xxx

  8. My GP gave Liam Allecet, which is an antihistamine, given at night (in the bottle) I used it successfully for about 4 months. Worked great, perhaps you would like to enquire? I was also able to get it over the counter at Clicks, but just check, there’s a bit difference between Jess & Liams age.

  9. We tried Celestamine, but you can only use it 5days at a time, and it didnt seem to do much… Will check with the Doc for the Allecet! Thanks! 🙂

  10. No prob, the doc was happy for me to use it on a long term basis, until L had gotten passed his teething and 2nd birthday.Good luck

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