Truth or Dare from Helen_77

How old are you?


What size shoe do you wear?

 5 or 6.. mostly 5’s

Do you think your bum is big?

yes, its HUGE!! Dammit…

Do you think you are a good driver?


Are you any good at Maths?

 With normal stuff yes (adding, subtraction, divide etc…) Did get a distinction in matric…standard grade! but thats a long time ago!

Ever eaten a bug?

probably – not intentionally!

Do you sing in the car/shower/bath?

In the car – yes, in the shower – if no one else at home! 🙂 Also sing to Jessica when no one around, dont want frighten anyone!

When last did you shave/wax/whatever your legs?


Do you consider yourself to have “Green Fingers”, in other words can you grow / keep plants.

 Yes – our first plants we bought 6yrs ago, still thriving! Wish I could have a veggie patch!.

Cellphone – Contract or Prepaid?


Have you finished your Christmas shopping (pressies, not food)?


Team Edward or Team Jacob (from the Twilight Series)

Edward – just something about him! Sadly have not read the books or seen all the movies…yet! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Truth or Dare from Helen_77

  1. Hehe, I myself am not known for my tan, haha. The chiro said “oh, you have an anglo-saxon skin, u must be careful of the sun”If my freckles joined together I may be a bit darker, but only on my arms and back, no freckles where the sun don’t see, so my ass it pearly white.

  2. My sister is nuts about Edward. I can’t tell you how many pictures there are ofher standing next to life size cardboard cut outs of him. LOL.I am sure your bum isn’t nearly as big as you thnk it is. Women can’t help but see their bum as bigger than it is!

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