Where did it go…

2011 that is! Sjoe what a year it was! So for the next week or so I will be wirintg/completing the date wrong! Thank goodness I dont write any cheques!!

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Festive Season and are Ready for all the great things to come in 2012!!

Im back at the office – dont feel inspired yet to work – been catching up with blogs etc.. perhaps tomorrow I will face my filing (behind with about 4months worth…talk about a paper war!)

Chrismas & New Years was quite peaceful on our side. still didnt get the Xmas feeling… will have to plan my own Xmas later…

Jessica is doing well! Also back at the creche, no tears (from her anyway Embarassed) but again they couldnt get her to drink… dont know what it is. Also the past 2 or 3 days struggling to get her to eat – perhaps some toothies brewing?! She does polish her fruit though…. perhaps because its colder than the veggies? (soothing?) I dont know – she only drank yesterday @ 14h30, since the last bottle @ 6h00… 

BF now a thing of the past, nothing helped – milk was getting less and less and eventually no let down, no matter what I tried. But still thankful that I could give her BFmilk until 7 months!

Madam started crawling, commando style as they call it (leopard crawl) and she is a busy busy little body now! Cant leave anything within reach – she wants it! And if its not a toy – all the better! hehe :)also trying to pull herself up against things, but her legs must still learn that move!

She seems to have grown so much , getting taller! Some of the 3-6mnt clothes getting a bit ‘tight’! Im sure she must have passed the 7.5kg mark by now!

Im missing her so very much… been a pleasure to spend so much time with her at home!

So before I leave (a bit early to go fetch her),  a few piccies I took during Dec!(no time for editing sorry…)

Ma se happiness

Sleeping beauty! (this pic reminds me of her 4D scan… )

Crawling after a bottle of water

Before I forget – you should see the Cat’s face when Jessica is on the move – its like she decided baby can stay as long as it doesnt move, now it moves and she’s not too sure what to make of it! Jessica on the other hand tries VERY hard to catch up to the running kitty!

Anyways – thats me for now! Will pop in again tomorrow – I hope to blog more this year!! 🙂

Have an awesome day!!

Sounds like rain outside (in JNB)…YES!!!


6 thoughts on “Where did it go…

  1. Oh my goodness she looks like a bunch of sunflowers. Soooooooooooo precious!!!!! One day soon she will be able to catch up with the kitty. Goodness know what she will do to him then lol

  2. Wow – what a lovely description. thank you! Yoh, kitty will have to watch out, she already tried to grab kitty, and then its just hand full of fur!!

  3. jy moet bietjie jou kind kos gee hoor, dan sal sy nie haar voete begin opeet nie ;)sy’s te oulik, love daai swart en wit enetjie! sy lyk so rustig en tevrede. hoop julle het ‘n awesome 2012 voor julle xx

  4. Jong party dae dink ek, ek moet har voer met haar voete pleks van met ‘n lepel! 😉 Dankie!! Sy slaap deesdae nogal woelig (maak sommer sulke 180’draaie in die kot), hierdie was ‘n oomblik van rustigheid vir haar! Dankie vir julle ook! xx

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