So much for thinking Jessica is a healthy little baby… She got a tummy bug from somewhere and was not a happy camper  (along with mummy that is). I was in tears after the creche phoned yesterday to tell me there’s something wrong with Jessica. It was the fastest I packed up my stuff, phoned the boss and told her Im leaving for the day – sorry, Ill try and work from home (ya right that is, didnt get much done).

Got madam from the creche, got an appointment at the GP and off we went. Got meds and straight home… She was a bit niggly and moany, just wanted to be picked up (just to bounce around and not sit still on your lap mind you). But yesterday afternoon ‘those’ nappies ‘ (all I can say is BLIKSEM!) cleared up. She ate dinner, drank some milk (not her usual amount, but still).Other than that she’s herself. Only had a slight fever, but Calpol took care of that quick!

Today she is back at school, and I feel like a horrible mom for taking her back so soon… This morning she was in tears when I left the school and that made me feel even worse. Checked in, and she’s doing fine. They havent had any of ‘those’ nappies, she still hasnt drank any milk, but was having a nap…Hope its all over and she will feel better soon!!!

On better days, enjoying feeding time!!

 Jessica is starting to ‘ta’ for things, if she wants something she goes ta ta ta. And she will pass you things, and then waits for you to give it back – like a little game! The cat seems to have her own word: kkgggg. Mamma still doesnt exist in her vocab (insert unhappy mummy face here…Cry)

Cant believe she is almost 8months old! Which reminds me – what age did you start with finger foods and what worked? She doesnt want to know nothing about more textured foods, makes herself naar (sick). Was hoping maybe by starting finger foods, the ‘growwe kossies’ will go down easier…

In other news: We have booked a holiday for March *jiggy dance*. Just going down to Ramsgate for a week, but boy oh boy I cannot wait!! Got a nice plekkie right on the beach (if it was any closer I wouldnt sleep comfy when its hightide! check it out here) Still have to book the kennel for Piper-Kitty and she’s got to go for injections…. (well hubby takes her, I dont do needles, the vet thinks its very funny when I go wait outside for the ‘formalities’ to be done) Looking forward to Jessica’s first sighting and playing of the beach! Hope she’ll love it as much as I do!

It would seem we’ve got a itch… lol. And no – we dont have goggas biting (well besides from the ‘lesser spotted ‘ killer vampire mozzies we got – got a bite in my neck, looks like a bloody hickey!!). We are thinking of this year, to put our housey in the market and get a bigger place. We want to have another child – not right now, but in a year or 2. And then we will need another bedroom. Our house is already getting cluttered with all  the stuff (baby and parent goodies alike). Now probably as good a time as ever. So after the holiday, we will be going house hunting! Already looking around. You’d think when someone decides to sell their house, they’ll at least put some effort in to make it neat for the website photies!? Already have plans to make our house ‘look’ more clutter free when its time for piccies!!

Whoops look at the time, thought I’ll just post a quick update and read some blogs, almost 2 hrs later!

Have a great day!!



27 thoughts on “Sickies

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, thooooooose nappies. BleghHope she gets 100% soon.Can Liam be that old that I can’t remember what age I gave him finger foods?? Gosh, soz, I’m drawing a blank. He did have it first plum & strawberry at 5 months tho.

  2. Sorry to hear Jessica wasn’t well. Hope she is doing well now. You can start giving her cucumber sticks and carrot sticks and also those finger biscuits to hold by herself and just get a feel for it and to bite on. Also very good for teething. The food that you are giving her now, does it have lots of lumps? There is no harm in giving her small pieces of bread too with some cheese on or something like that. There will be lots of throwing on the floor lol

  3. I H.A.T.E ‘those nappies, there’s more poo outside the nappy, than inside!! THanks! I’ve given her some teething biscuits to chew on, and also a peach (which she sucks more than bites) but its a start! Not sure where to go from here…will try more fruits though! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Jy het dan nou net gekamp en gedam en als! hehe 🙂 Hopenlik kan julle sommer gou see toe gaan, met rosyntjie in tow! Ek is net bly dis nou ‘gevang’ en gaan sommer gou weg. Nou net gehoor vroutjie in die gebou, haar kleinkinders (tweeling) albei in die hospitaal met gastro… *hou duim vas Jessica word gou beter voor dit hospitaal sake word*

  5. Nasty those nappies…. 🙂 Hope you wont have to deal with ‘those’ but its inevitable I guess… Thank you!! 😀

  6. Hoping too the sickies have left her little body! I’ve been pureeing all her food, tried a a few times now to puree it less, but alas… she just gags. Dont want to force it (yet). Will try the cucumber & carrot sticks and also the bread! She loves sucking on the teething biscuits. Somewhere along the line will have to make the switch to lumpier foods. Looking fwd to the mess!! hehe 🙂

  7. Nestle makes these little puffed grains things in fruit flavours. They melt in the mouth so no choking. Ashton is 8.5 months now and he likes tiny pieces of plain toast, bananas (he just takes a bite from a whole one), grated cheese, the Nestle puffs and mango pieces. That’s all I’ve given him so far. I’m also starting to not puree his food so much, I make it with a more lumpy consistency and he seems to be doing ok. I hate those purity teething biscuits, huge pieces break off and I’ve had to fish them out more than once. I eventually chucked them.

  8. Aw sorry Jess was sick, but glad she’s getting better.Gorgeous pics!As for the finger foods… sjoe I can’t remember! LOL I know he loved cheese, biltong, toast etc. but I’m not sure when he started eating that. Good luck!Yayy for the holiday!Exciting about the decision to sell for something bigger. Hope you find exactly what you looking for!xx

  9. oh shame man! hope jessica is all better really really soon! Deids has some good tips on the finger foods! i have one of those little net things that you put piecs of fruit in … and it has a handle that baby can hold. baby chews of fruit and bits get squished into their mouths through the net … no big pieces so no worries about chocking and baby learns about holding food and biting etc. Munchkin use to love hers when she was tiny … Sweetpea seems to be loving it too! i put in any fruit as long as its squishable 🙂

  10. Ag nee jammer om te hoor dat Jessica siek geword het. Mag sy sommer gou gou weer mooi eet. And yay for the holiday booked!Sharon, my you have the most beautiful 2012 ever!

  11. Hallo! Askuus vir die laat comment! Mag 2012 ‘n wonderlike jaar vir julle wees! Ek hoop klein Jess voel al beter – shame ek onthou laas jaar het Kayla ook so ‘n bug gehad en dit was baie erg. Sy het so groot geword ne? En sommer baie cute! Sterkte met die huis soekery – dis ook op ons lysie maar miskien eers volgende jaar. Hoop julle kom sommer gou reg! Ek het ook al na huise gaan kyk en dan lyk dit terrible – weet ook nie hoe dink party mense nie ne!Die plekkie by die see lyk stunning – julle sien seker al baie uit. Gelukkig is Maart om die draai!Lekker werk! Groot drukkie vir jou xxx

  12. Jessica is so gorgeous. It is good she is feeling better and you don’t have to deal with “those nappies”GOod Luck with house hunting. I found it to be so exhausting.

  13. Glad Jessica bounced back so quickly. We had that bug here last week. Poor Tash had it the worse for 4 days and with such high fevers. It was horrid.If I remember I started giving Tash finger biscuits, rusks and biltong from 6 months. Then I let her pick off my plate with anything she couldn’t choke on and found out what she liked and didn’t like. It will also depend on how many teeth she has.

  14. Oh I’ve seen those puffed rice things- it quite expensive for such a small packet – but worth trying! I had a run in with those teething biscuits last week, she almost choked on a piece that broke off – I skrikked my ass off! Which reminds me I still want to write them a little letter (hopefully contain myself andnot lace it with profanities…)

  15. Ive seen those net thingies, but doesnt the texture of the net gross them out? (I’m weird like that). Will look into it though! You should see her check out a piece of banana, like Im trying to feed her poo… hehe 🙂

  16. Dankie duisend (jammer ek reply ook nou eers!)Sy groei nou so vinnig! lekker lank geword! Die huis koop ding gaan seker ook maar ‘n ruk vat. Moet ons plek ook verkoop kry en goodness knows hoe lank dit gaan vat. darem nie haas nie – mag ons albei ons droom huis kry, met dreamy kombuise!!! :)Geniet jou dag en lekker werk!! xxx

  17. I’m feeling like an estate agent already, when hubby shows me houses on the net, Im like :seen that, this one ‘this’ that one ‘that’ lol. Im enjoying looking on the net, think once you start making appointments, the disappoinment sets in!

  18. Seems the bug was here to linger a bit longer… I know of so many pepople who had it – totally crap! Just glad Jessica’s fever was only slight! She only has 2 teeth sofar (bottom 2), will try the suggestions – thanks!!

  19. My Hope!! Im sorry I’ve been so scarce on you blog- hope you are doing well!! Thanks – she’s mommy’s little Angel! 🙂 xxx

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