I take it back…

Just a quick update: (will reply to comments on previous post tomorrow, not ignoring you girls!)

So last week I thought Jessica was all done and dusted with the tummy bug….was I in for a rude awakening!

A further 3 days at home (Tues – Fri), 2 more visits to the docter (1 x GP, & 1 x Paed), a poo sample test and 10days (7 to go) of antibiotics and she is on the mend!

Im all pooped out!!!!!Surprised

Turns out she has some intestinal ‘swam’ what ever that translates to in English… Antibiotics are helping, poo so much better! (ja ja toe nou, should perhaps put notice up – dont read while eating!) hehe

Tomorrow she can go back to the creche…no fruit or sweet things for the rest of this week, but she’s better and saying those magic words – Mma Mma!! Wil haar opvreet!

Will ‘chat’ tomorrow…



8 thoughts on “I take it back…

  1. Dit was nie lekker, veral as die Dr se sy weet nie meer, en jou refer na die pediater! Die goed wat grys hare van gemaak word! Sy is darem nou baie beter na die paar daggies van antibiotika! Steeds paar kiddies by die skool wat nog siekerig is… xx

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