My Little Pony…

Little Madam is doing much better! Her appetite is back, and she is her happy self!!

Mommy fooling around with the hair… she needs yet another haircut!

Going back to the creche today went rather well, no crying, just a few snikke! She’s become quite ma-vas recently, even Daddy feels a bit unwanted! I get the biggest smiles, she throws herself at me, and yes *jiggy dance* she’s saying Mamma! Im so glad I spent the past week with her, and got the opportunity to hear this first hand!! If you ask her “waar’s Kitty/Pappa/ Mamma?” then she looks around for you. Te ougat! Also trying to clap hands, misses a few shots, and cant understand why her clapping isnt loud like mommy’s, but she keeps trying, just need to learn keep those hands open!

Last night she was crawling and almost got back to her sitting position! Almost!! Still trying to pull herself up against everything.We will have to lower her cot matress thingie – afraid one of these days she’ll climb out!

Today she is eight months old. Almost as old as an ‘outie’ as she was an ‘innie’. The changes, milestones etc are coming fast and furious! I see more and more of myself in her everyday. I like it! πŸ™‚

I know this might sound strange, perhaps some of you feel/felt the same. Since getting pregnant, time has just flown so quick, its like my mind didnt get the time to process all that was happening. Then its the birth and you have even less time to really just sit and think about all that has happend the past few months. For a while I’ve been feeling like an outsider looking in/down on my life, but not feeling like Im living it.. (if that makes any sense). And for the 1st time in a while, I feel like Im back in the driver’s seat… and boy am I back!! πŸ˜€

Quick Random: I bought some new razors the other day, 4 blades nogal. When I opened the package (think its the Shick brand or something), I kid you not – the handles are rassberry scented?! Who the hell smells/sniffs their razor handle?? (not that it smells that bad mind you…lol)

Have a great day!!!


11 thoughts on “My Little Pony…

  1. Glad she is doing much better Sharon. Come to think of it, I actually feel the same way. You don’t really have the time to sit and process all that has happened from the time of conceiving to giving birth. I mean mine is now 1 year and time just goes hey.

  2. Ag my jinne! Ek is so bly sy voel beter! Miskien moet jy sommer nou haar kuif ingroei – Clareze het nog net 1 keer ‘n kuif gehad – nooit weer nie! Ons groei nou nog in – maar ons is darem nou amper daar. Dis net minder moeite! Weet presies wat jy bedoel – alles gebeur net te vinnig en dan gaan die tyd net te vinnig om ook. Dit voel of mens nie kan byhou met alles nie. Sjoe het nog nie van daai skeermesse gesien nie – maar ja dis nogal weird! Lekker aand! xxx

  3. he he he….LOVE die pony!!!! Wens Elri se hare is al daar…alhoewel, sy HAAT goeters in haar hare/op haar kop. Ek het die CUTESTE knippies in haar hare gehad vir haar doop en sy het gesukkel tot hulle uit was, toe’s sy happy!!!

  4. Jess is so oulikies. Know what you mean about time flying. Seems just the other day I was preggars but L will be 3, yes 3, in JulyUmmmm, no, I’ve never sniffed my razor handle. What’s up with that?

  5. Ag Jess is so cute with her little palm-tree-ponytail πŸ™‚ So glad she’s better. Sweetpea caught Munchkin’s cold so its been snotty noses everywhere in our house the last few days! Time really does fly hey. SWeetpea will be 8 months tomorrow … Munchkin is almost THREE!!! LOL @ the scented razors! Hey I actually just bought a pack yesterday … Schick too … wonder if its the same ones?? Will go home and sniff them πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks. Its just the strangest feeling, when your ‘mind’ finally catches up with reality and everthing just falls into place.. Time surely doesnt stop for no one!

  7. Daai kuifie… hehe πŸ˜‰ Ek trim hom nou maar, want knippies en goete werk nie, sy trek dit uit (choking hazard) dalk as sy ouer is die kuif laat uitgroei, weet eintlik nie wat om met haar hare te doen, groei korterig hou…haha. Net so – dinge gebeur te vinnig! Dis nogal weird laat hulle nou die skeermesse uitbring met ‘n “flavor”… stupid goed skeer nie so lekker nie, bly plekkies mis!! Maar darem ruik dit lekker ne’? lolLekker werk vandag! Darem kom die naweek nader!!*grin*

  8. Thanks! They smell nice, but they dont shave all that well!! (as I discovered this morning…perhaps trying to shave in the shower not such a great plan either! lol)

  9. Moet se die rekkie het darem gehou vir die dag, knippies en goed wil sy uittrek (wat haar maak huil, want dan trek sy die hare mos saam…)Dalk gaan Elri eendag neig om eerder haar hare kort te dra! πŸ™‚

  10. Time sure flies, you just cant keep up with the changes and reality in your life! I wonder what will be next? Chocolate flavored shavingcream to match the rassberry razor! hehe

  11. Hope Sweetpea gets better soon! Dont know what I’d rather prefer…poop or snot…ugh! Time to put bricks on their heads so they stop growing!! lol’s – happy razor sniffing!! πŸ™‚

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