Feels like a Monday

What a week this is going to be… things seem to back to normal at the office, which means little to no blog time! Seeing off a flight from another airport today , two runs, waiting for the 2nd group – might as well take this opportunity to write a little something!
All is well further. Jessica is such a sweetie lately…and a bit of a handful, sjoe that one is a little busy body! But its all good – its good for Mummy to run after her, great for the hips! 😉 Still ‘leopard’ crawling, at times she’ll get up on all fours, but I don’t know if the tiles are hurting her knees, hurts mine like hell! She’s now started to get back to a sitting position from crawling, which makes her life easier! Clambering up against things is her favourite, be it the couches, the cot or against mommy’s legs! Its very funny when she does this with Daddy, only grip he has – you guessed it: LEG HAIR! LOL. This morning we had a laugh, she would fart, then giggle about it, fart again, giggle, and this continued for about 4 farts! Hehe ? So much for being a lady! After the sickies she is now finally back to normal, eating and drinking like a champ, still sleeping well and ‘those’ poo nappies are O.V.E.R!
(bit of TMI…Sorry Scot)
So after 17months of no AF, the time has arrived. And now I wait! I hate (perhaps that’s a bit harsh), REALLY REALLY don’t like that time of the month. When I was 12, I asked my Mom so when can they take out my ovaries?! Its always been painful (fetal position eina), unpredictable and to top it off I usually get a migraine sommer for that time too… I haven’t really had time to buy my normal meds, so stuck with Panados… With the anticipation of AF, PMS also reared its ugly head. Had some bad angry-killer-hormone moods on Sunday! Hubby had to stay out of my way! At least I gave him warning, and think the waving of a kitchen knife proved my point… He bought me an icecream the afternoon, that made me feel better! What ‘s up with PMS & chocolates or icecream? Lol
At least the mood has improved but I am still wishing this week be done now!
My passengers alsmost here… let me go look enthusiastic and all that Jazz…

For Helen: Got a peanutbutter sandwhich
Have an awesome week!! Hope I get time to read your blogs a bit later!


9 thoughts on “Feels like a Monday

  1. Their knees are softer than ours, still mostly cartlidge.4 farts! Impressive, hahaUgh, peanut butter, the smell makes my stomach turn. Only do the jam bit 🙂

  2. Smile ek nou lekker vir die poep! Dis te funny as hulle dit doen! Dit was seker die lekkerste deel van swanger wees en om te borsvoed – dat daai deel van die maand missing in action was. Shame man – hoop nie dis te erg nie. Moet sê nou na Kayla is dit ook baie anders vir my – gaan seker maar een of ander tyd dr toe moet gaan – maar nou ja! Niks wat ‘n choccie nie kan beter maak nie! Gee vir haar ‘n groot druk! xxx

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Sharon, but not to worry- after three kids, there’s very little which is TMI for me! And **ow** re the leg hair.

  4. lol – he shouldnt ask dumb questions when Im busy making lunch whilst have the epic PMSS’!! 🙂 I know Neurofen and Ibuprofen or something. But havent had those in the medicine cabinet for a while… will stock up on the weekend. Found the painkillers they gave after my c-sec, also kills those pains!! (can only drink one at a time or I will be man down!)Now I feel like a peanut butter sarmie again! 🙂 will have to try it with milk!!

  5. I know – but she’ll stand for a few sec’s and then just falls flat and carries on! hehe 🙂 Oh that one farts like a pro! And sometimes its no baby farts, sounds like an adult letting rip – try explaining that to other people… lol I got cut off… still wanted to add peanut butter becoming my favorite – like jam is to you!

  6. Sy kan nogal laat ‘rip’ en dan die lag na die tyd is eintlik so ougat! Sal haar seker eendag moet leer dit nou nie eintik goeie maniere nie! Ja nee – nou moet mens weer is ‘ritme’ kom. Sover is die krampe darem nie bad nie, maar die hoofpyne vang my! Bonus is as dit roomys met chocolate is! Maak so en hugs daai kant ook! Moet nou reel vir daai koffie – sal jou bietjie mail! Lekker werk, darem more vrydag!!! Whoo hpp!! xxx

  7. Lol – I’d rather warn you, incase you having a man-day! 😉 Hubby has also learnt so much of the female going on’s, that he would have never dreamt about! She loves holding on to things, and being a bit hairy doesnt help – legs, chest, arms! It so funny (to me anyways!lol) 😀

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