Piccie Friday

I dont have much to say.. So just a piccie Friday! Enjoy…

(we had no water at home on Monday, had to bath Jessica in the basin with limited water…)

She’s loving her walking ring, she whizzes throughout the house, much to her delight!

Boy and she can manoever that outjie!

Have a great weekend all!


15 thoughts on “Piccie Friday

  1. Ohhh man, Jess is soooooo cute man, makes me want……….no, no, it doesn’t make me want another one to see if I can have a girl, back you silly thoughts.Really such a cutie, especially sleeping sideways in the cot. Oh hey, I’ve just seen, Liam’s got that same yellow sheet with the tigers and giraffes.

  2. Lol’s. They say the older a woman is, the better the chances for a girl….lol 😉 Thanks! She’s adorable! She sleeps in the weirdest positions. Most nights she crams herself into a corner, bum in the air. :)On the weekend she fell asleep sitting up. Will post the piccie in the week – we had such a laugh!! Eye for detail, catching the sheet! 🙂

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