Yooo Hooo :)

(forgive me I started typing this almost 3 weeks ago!!… Crisis I am a bad blogger…or a rather very slow typist!)

We are back from Holiday…. Boy I wish we could go live there, its so quiet, unrushed and relaxed Add to that a splash of sun, sea and sand…*sigh* Although Ramsgate (and surrounds) might be considered as one very big retirement village! Some of the older folks are not too friendly, not even towards Jessica and she melts hearts faster than Belgium chocolate in the African Sun!  We stayed an extra 2 days, my credit card is letting me have an earful, but it was totally worth it!

Jessica enjoyed the sea and sand so much. Only tried to eat sand twice, then she got the idea that its’ “gag-ga”! She made like ‘snow angels’ in the sand, definitely getting her a little sandpit soon! Thank goodness the water is quite warm, think they said 24’C at one stage. I wish I can post videos here. Hubby would hold her hands and she would walk towards the waves, whether he was coming or not! Utterly delighted!

All I can say to the people who live close to the sea: I Envy you, you are such lucky ducks!! We looked at some of the house prices in the area, and you can get real bargains out there… but ja we cant’ move there, what job would I be doing?! Hehe Yell And my mom & sister will kill me if I take ‘their child’ away!

Jessica really wow’d me with the holiday. She was quite calm while we drove down, took us 11hrs… stopping for her to get out a bit, a few times as we left home later than planned. Being in a strange environment, she still slept her normal hours. No crying, no nonsense – just exploring every nook and cranny and having fun with us! Going to the beach was also fuss-less (except for putting on the swimsuit, she didn’t like that part too much!), she would just sit quietly and play – not a word from her. As long as she could have her hands in the sand, or be in the water, she was one happy camper.

On other Jessica news:
She’s “growing” her 5 & 6th toothies, the two next to the top front ones. She’s starting to eat ‘normal’ food with us for dinner. She just loves standing by you and having little happies! Chicken pieces are her favourite, and anything tomatoey pasta. Oh and cheese, don’t forget the cheese & yogurt!!
Still cruising around furniture, but slowly but surely she’s starting to let go a bit, balances for a few seconds, then sits down, or grabs on!
She’s grasping so many words, when you ask her about some items or things, she would point to it. If she doesn’t want something, she will quickly shake her head! Opvreetbaar I tell you! J
Cant believe she will turn 1 next month!!! Starting with the planning for the party – going with a Hello Kitty Theme. J

We took her to the Zoo on Easter Weekend, she loved it so much! All the birdies and monkeys and the fishies! Will definitely have to make this a yearly outing! My parents joined us – they loved spending time with her. She’s also discovered my Dad’s moustache – keeps touching it, like there’s something to be found in it! I’ll post some zoo piccies later on.

Mommy wise – going very well. Still not loosing weight…and winter is lurking *casseroles, soups all things yummy warm & delish* I have to go find myself some winter clothes, I have like 2 jeans that fit! Our offices moved, at least we are all settled in. I missed half of the move because I was on leave…*evil grins* My boss is going in for a operation tomorrow, and will be out of action or the next few weeks. Min 2 weeks that I will have to cope alone, before she can maybe manage something from home. Hold thumbs that its not too hectic!! Started a new contract, so we are on standby 24/7 lately, not interrupting family life too much (yet), but you know that man Murphy??
I still wish some days I could just pack up and leave.. ,do something different, something more exciting… but then again – I don’t know how to do anything else! Such is a job hey!

Well let me get back to work, aint gonna get done by itself!



27 thoughts on “Yooo Hooo :)

  1. Jessica is so cute and she sounds like an angel. good luck with the weightloss, you just have to find something that will work for you.

  2. Aaah jy maak my nou sommer baie jaloers hoor! Dit klink of julle ‘n heerlike tydjie by die see gehad het en dat klein Jess haar gate uit geniet het! Was julle verblyf darem nice? Ai ek is deesdae so versigtig om ‘n plek te bespreek oor die internet. Ek sal ook glad nie omgee om ‘n huisie by die see te hΓͺ nie … eendag ne? Bly die trek by die werk het goed gegaan. Lekker werk verder – gelukkig is dit amper weer naweek! xxx

  3. What lovely picsGlad to hear Jess “travelled” well.Sounds like she’s developing a healthy appetite. Excellent!Hehe, talking about moustaches, when DH has a bit of stubble L says “daddy got thorns on” Haha.My plan is to shed weight during winter, when no one can see it and then jump out all anew and thin in spring. Well…..that’s the plan anywayHope your bosses op goes alright (holding thumbs)Hugs Sharon

  4. Lovely pics πŸ™‚ The only thing I like about winter is the winter-food. Soups, stews… yum! Good on you for missing the office move

  5. Thank you! Thing is I actually went to a dietician, got a lowfat,low GI diet – which worked and then I went off the rails. Just have to get back on track! πŸ™‚

  6. Wow- I like that you stayed an extra two days. It shows you loved it! To be honest, we don’t go to the beach nearly as much as we should, living in CT.

  7. Oe, I love Ramsgate! One of my best, best holidays ever was in Ramsgate, visiting with then BFF at her parents’ place – aaah, we were young, we were beautiful, we were thin…

  8. Thanks! lol @ thorns! Daddy also growning a bit of beard now – and she just giggles when he rubs agains her face! That sounds like a good plan, must really make a plan with this excess weight… Seems the op went well, just in a lot of pain – poor woman! Have a great weekend! xx

  9. Skies man….ek sal enige tyd my tassie pak en daar gaan bly! Die plek was heel nice gewees. Ons het voorheen deur dieselfde mense bespreek, hulle het paar plekke daar in Ramsgate wat hulle ‘manage’ (Bill’s Best). Self ‘n vroutjie wat elke dag kom skoolmaak – so jy het nie worries nie! Ek wens die naweek kan nou begin jong- die dag is erg lank!! Mooi bly en geniet julle naweek!! xxx

  10. lol @ swimming gear – the little ‘headband’ is actually my makeup band, but it worked extremely well to keep her hair of of her eyes and the wind out of her ears! Its the one thing we need up here in GP! Maybe one day with global warming and rising sea levels, the sea will come to our stoeps! πŸ˜€

  11. Its definitely become one of our favorite places to go to! Aah – my BFF (back in the day) and I took our 1st holiday alone down to Ramsgate – we had the bestest time, just us girls! We are still beautiful…no comment on the young and thin bits! hehe πŸ™‚

  12. I guess once you have it so close permanently, its like having a pool – at 1st you swim all weather, and then the novelty wears off.. Still wouldnt mind having long walks on the beach every evening! πŸ™‚

  13. Awesome pics, especially that last one. Little Jessica is growing so fast. Glad you had such a great holiday. Yes, it’s lovely living by the sea, but not very practical if you’re still working in Pretoria. πŸ˜‰ Hugs xx

  14. Oh my word, Jessica is an absolute beaut! What a pretty pretty little girl!So glad you guys had a great holiday and that all is well on your end… I just can’t believe it’s almost bday time!

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