Jessie Bessie

And another month has come and gone! Cant believe today in 2 weeks its Jessica’s 1st birthday! What was suppose to be a small intimate party, has turned into a family affair with about 12 adults, and 4 kids…. My budget is shot!

Then Im also doing the partypack thing for school/creche – 10 babies, 5 adults – Cupcakes anyone?!  Although I’ve created a lot of work for myself – baking the cake & cupcakes, Im really looking forward to it! Bought the ‘tools’ and fondant on the weekend must just find time to make do a test run with the icing colours, and see if I can actually cover something almost smoothly with the fondant. Just putting a 1 (or is it 2) dimensional piccie of a Hello Kitty on the cake. In my head, its going to look awesome!!

(the cake decoration piccie)

Quick question: what does your 6-12month old babies eat? (think of party packs now) finger biscuits? Flings or Cheese Curls?

 Will give everyone a cupcake – which Im sure the parents will enjoy! 😉

Jessica attended her 1st birthday party on Tues. She was one of the youngest kiddies there. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the bigger kids. Even spent some time on the trampoline, which was a bit static – just check those hairs! :)She would sit and bounce – very quickly caught on to that bit! 🙂

She is really doing so well, every day there’s something new. Be it ‘words’, or understanding or doing something new! Her 7th & 8th toothies are coming through, and again she is not a unhappy child about it! She had some flu last week, hope that was sommer it for the winter! Snots only clearing up now, but now all the veldfires arent helping for the sinusses!

She’s started to standup by herself, and then squats down again – not holding on to anything. Been taking one step here and there, she’s very careful but utterly chuffed with herself – precious facial expression when she gets it right.

Finger foods are getting better. She would eat ‘hard foods’ self, cheese, those fruit puff snacky things, but anything with a softer texture grosses her out, she would pick it us and fling it like its poo! On Tues she had some fishfingers and chips for dinner, and fed herself very well (still threw a few pieces around, but majority ended up in the right place!).

Word wise – got only a few, most only a mom would understand! lol

Kitty – Kiggy

Klaar (finish) – kga (with the little hands turned  upwards showing palms)

Mom- Mamma

Dad – Dadda

Good Bye – Tatta (waving)

Hallo – ha/hee (also waves)

She points to birds in the sky, and waves tatta to aeroplanes and helicopters! She totally loves Kitty (and Kitty’s friend), not so much bothered by dogs! Oh and she has discovered the toilet handle – few things as exciting like flushing the toilet! 

She loves paging through books – here she ‘demolished’ the newspaper (advertisement bit)

She loves being outside, either chasing after the cat, or ‘diving’ for the flowerbeds to play in the soil or picking Mommy some flowers! Its groot tranedal if its time to go inside!

I still cant believe she’s almost a year old, last year this time she was savely in my tummy!!! *sobs*

She’s almost moving on to the next class at school (they move after 12mnts, when they start walking) – just want to put a brick on her head so she stops growing!

Reminds me – her last ‘stats’ (as per the school nurse, last week Wed) Weight: 9.2kgs & 75cm tall. (Birth 3.3kgs, 51cm). Think she is going to be tall like daddy!

One Small Pet Peeve from me: Parents – Please Wipes your childrens noses, Teach them how to do it, but for Goodness Sake dont let them walk around, with the snots hanging just about in their mouths!!! ITS GROSS!!!!! Dont make me give you tissues to do it!! Grrr.. and here Im referring from little babies to grown up kids 7-8yrs old!, I almost puked in PnP the other day, a girl (guessing about 6yrs old) with snot just everywhere… How can her parents NOT see it??? (I know kids sneeze and then it just all comes out, and that happens quick – that I understand, but just to let their noses run, is wrong!) *sigh*

Let me get back to work, being slaved to death again…

Have a good week and weekend!!



20 thoughts on “Jessie Bessie

  1. Green noses are the worst! I’m very fussy with my kids when it comes to that. I mean, a little dirt is ok, but not snot. Ew!

  2. Awww, what a little poppet, too cute man.Stuff in the party packs sounds about right, some little Cheddar biscuits would be alright. Maybe you could give them all an ice-lolly of sorts, obviously not in the bag, oh and a cooldrinkWent to a party on Saturday and saw a “snot-encrusted” kidlet running around. Grrrr, drives me wild!

  3. Little Jessica is so lovely. Thanks for the update, and good luck with the party. Happy Birthday for the 8th. 😉 xxx

  4. She’s a real beauty, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pics! Your little girly is getting so big!With you on the snot issue… Caleb already hates it when I try to wipe his nose. I can’t handle it!!

  5. What lovely pics of your gorgeous Jessie!! I am with you on the noses. My Jess had to learn early with all her sinus and allergy issues, she can’t bear her nose to be dirty!! Hugs and the party will be great. xx

  6. Jess is so cute, love the pictures.Good luck with the cake & don’t forget to post pictures.I’m also busy planning my boy’s 1st birthday party & I’m with u on the budget, the guest list turned in to something else!!!!!!!

  7. As jy weer sien, dan is dit amper Caleb se birthday ook – tyd gaan net te vinnig verby! As ek nou na Jessica kyk, kan ek nie eens behoorlik die ‘baba’ dae onthou nie! Ek leer eerder van vroeg van daai neus afvee, Jessica wil wil begin ‘blaas’ ook! hehe 🙂 Maar ja, na die verkoue wil sy my amper ni naby die neus he nie – moeg van al die spuit en skoonmaak en afvee!

  8. Thanks Shazzie! Im going to ‘drill’ that into my kid(s) head(s). No snots!! hehe 🙂 Sinusses on the highveld always a problem! Have a great weekend!! xx

  9. Thank you! Will definitely post piccies of the party & cake! I’ve been planning for a while, and then it just got ‘railroaded’. Making the cake self saves a bit of money, but still have to feed all the adults! 🙂

  10. Her hair has grown so much. Pretty little girl.btw – Hello Kitty piccies are so simply drawn, why not make a cut out from moulding chocolate and stick all the bits and bobs on, will give some depth to the Kitty.

  11. Thank you – already due for another hair cut, dont know if I want to cut the back short too… she’s not fond of ponies! hehe 🙂 JIkes Im very much a novice at this cake baking & decorating thing!! Thought I’d do what would be easiest (and least likely to go wrong). Adding some pretty sugar flowers (bought) and glitter to the cake… Like pimp my cake! hehe. Maybe I get all creative while Im busy – giving Kitty a ‘real’ fondant bow on the head… But again – will have to practise that sometime this week… eish!

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