Birthday Party (nr 1)

Hallo SprogBlogs! 🙂

And so our 1st birthday party for Jessica has come and gone! 2 more sleeps till her actual 1st birthday!

We had a lovely day on Saterday visiting with friends and family! We were16 adults and two kids. Jessica was spoilt with pressies! The cake making/decorating went very well, I was so chuffed with it! 🙂 Perhaps the next birthday I will attempt a 3D cake… or not! hehe 🙂

Here is the cake in progess. The cake itself was a vanilla ‘olie koek’/sponge (my mom’s failsafe recipe – will share it with you at some point, its delishiously moist!) I plastered it with plain white butter-icing (base) and then covered with the pink fondant. I made the picture from fondant too, and the black lines are Royal Icing. The little flowers are shop bought (Bakers Bin in Lyttleton, Centurion – the best shop ever!!) I just need a more steady hand, but all in all I think it looks great. Some people didnt believe me that I actually made it myself!

The final product… 😉

The cake wasnt going to be enough for 16odd people, so I made some cupcakes on the side – they looked just as pretty.

I dusted both the cupcakes & cake with Pearly dust!

Little Nephew helping to open the gifts.  and Madam having a cupcake – she loved it!! (guess its the sweetness)

She really got awesome gifts: a doll larger than herself, lots of clothes- including a Guess shirt, a gorgeous teddybear (which I will save for her when she’s older), we got her a sand pit (those blue shells) with 2 halves, the bottom filled with sand, and the top we can chuck her plastic balls in, she was playing in it most of Sat afternoon! The best gift I think was the little ‘car’ my sister got her… She caught on very quick how to manoever this thing! By Sat evening she was peddling through the house, by Sunday – she figured out she can climb onto it, using it as a step and climb on the couch or bed! My poor heart…

So this week they told us she’s moving to the next class (Bambi) beginning June and I just want to cry about…its like leaving the current school and going to a new one..(its literally just the class next door). Maybe Im just a bit PMS’ie about it! I will miss the current tannies – will have to give them something nice to say thank you! So my baby is almost a toddler… *sigh*

We had a Mom &Daughter day on Friday at the school, was very nice. Played with the kids until lunch time, a bit of a tranedal when we had to leave -but great to see her interact with the friends! She was more ma-vas than the other kids, just dashing out to grab a toy, then hurry back to mommy, climbing all over me! Heart melting!

Still doing partypacks for school on Thurs. 10 kids, 5 adults – guess who’s baking more cupcakes tomorrow?! Looking forward to it – gettting the icing piping thing right – so it goes quickly! Giving goody bags with marshmallow fishies, hallo kitty sweety bangles, and flings – and then everyone gets a cupcake. They can take it home and the parents can decide what the kids can eat!

Re Mothers Day – reading all the posts about it… I enjoyed mine. Although Hubs at first bought me a plant, which I wasnt very happy about -it was a CACTUS!!! Then I got some flowers and then we went out for lunch. We wanted to go to Cuppachino’s but their kitchen closed early (WTF??) so ended up at Ocean Basket – which I do love! They were sooo busy, the food was great, but we had to yell to hear each other! At least it quieted down after a while. But all in all – I was grateful for the gestures! 🙂

Looking forward to his 1st Fathers Day – which happens to be on his birthday this year! lol

Have a good week – will try and post something on Thursday… thinking back – last year this time I was petrified, getting all our things in order for the coming of our little baby… *sigh*



20 thoughts on “Birthday Party (nr 1)

  1. WOW! Haar koek is beautiful! Ek is baie beindruk hoor! Om nie te praat van die cupcakes nie – hoe het jy die icing so mooi gekry? Dis stunning! Bly julle het dit geniet – dis baie spesiaal! Ek dink volgende jaar moet jy so ruk voor die tyd begin skimp oor die persent wat jy wil he vir Moedersdag – ek het al geleer dis al wat help want mans is heeltemal clueless met hierdie tipe ding! Ek doen dit tot vir my verjaarsdag! Ek gee nou moed op om foto’s te kan post – ek het nou al vir gemail oor die probleem. Anders sal ek maar van die huis ook probeer en kyk of dit nie daar werk nie. Ai tog!

  2. Beautiful cake, well done!! Love that shimmer!How cool that Fathersday falls on your hubby’s b’day this year, double spoil!xx

  3. What a gorgeous cake, Sharon, and those cupcakes look too pretty to eat, although Jessica obviously didn’t think so. 😉 She’s really grown into a little girl already. Can’t believe that she’s only one. Thanks for sharing her happy day with me. 😉 Hugs xx

  4. That cake is absolutely fabulous. I think I must’ve been at the back of the Q when baking talent was handed out. Jess is sooooo adorable, what a little muffin.There’s that mothers day thing again. What’s it all about.

  5. oh the cake is just fabulous!!! I have zero skill in that department … my poor girls!!! Jess looks so grown up in that pic on the car … she’s a real cutie 🙂

  6. Dankie Jong! Ek was super chuffed met die koek. Het nie tyd gehad vir ‘n tester, so dit moes eerste keer reg! Ek het oulikste icing botteltjies by die BakersBin gekry – pleks van ‘n piping bag – en dit werk super maklik! (sal vir jou ‘n piccie WhatsApp, kom in ‘n pakkie van 3 vir R36- bargain!)Ja nee ons het amper nie Moedersdag gehad nie, as ek nie so bietjie geskimp het en amper ge-‘vloermoer’ het nie! hehe 🙂 Weet nie wats fout nie. Ek weet ek kan nie foto’s laai met Explorer, maar Firefox werk dit piekfyn. Hoop jy kom reg – sal graag die piccies van die pizza party wil sien! 🙂 Lekker werk en geniet die dag! xxx

  7. Thanks Jess! The Shimmer had a double function – not only did it look pretty, it kinda disguised the small flaws in the cake! lol 🙂 Double gifts for him! 🙂

  8. Thank you Missf! She sure she enjoyed the whole day, getting so much attention and being spoilt! 🙂

  9. Moms cake is always best. That cake looks really professional Sharon. Well done. Those cars are awesome. Little Girl also has one and she thoroughly enjoys it.

  10. Only a plaesure AD! She is totally is little girl already, very strong headed! I think it all the hair that makes her look older than she really is! 🙂 Have a good day!! *hugs* xxx

  11. I was amzed at how easy the fondant handled, I think as long as its ‘flat pictures’ I can do this! 🙂 Thank you!! 🙂 lol…I almost also asked the same thing – helps to nagg the hubby a bit! Even if he just made lunch, I would have appreciated it! 🙂

  12. lol thanks Nusha! I really want to go for a decorating class, I’ve always been fascinated by the professionals! The lady we use for the ‘fancy’ cakes, her prices went up…homemade vs R500… :DShe’s like a toddler looking baby! I think its all the hair, making her look older! 😉

  13. Thanks MamaS! She loves that car! Hope it now doesnt stop her from walking! She would now rather get on it and pedal throught the house than crawl… 🙂

  14. OMG!! I cannot believe that Jessica is 1 year old already. Where does the time go?? I remember meeting you when I was just pregnant and you were a few months.The cake was beautiful and your cupcakes look delish.

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