Oh my hat…Im lost!!!


Crisis – Im gone for two (maybe 3) weeks and you change EVERYTHING!! I cant find no one (unless they listed on the home page somewhere…) Im technologically challenged people, you have taken away my creature comforts, my blog friends!! But I shall come find you and I will get updated on all the happenings! (Has CAZ had her babygirl yet?? )

A lot has been happening in the land of Shaz…

The Good:
* Jessica is now officially walking, at 1yrs 1months. Its so cute, like a little waddling penguin!
* She’s self feeding, with great success and mess!
* She’s healthy, but I suspect teething again – them nappies are back… (I must still read up on the teething thing…)
* she’s upgraded her new car seat to one of those f**off models that tilts etc.. (okay its not the best of the range, but for R1400, it will last us the next 15 kgs!) I think she enjoys the fact that she’s forward facing now! 🙂 Also cant get enough of pulling the door handle *dankie tog for child locks*

The Bad & Ugly:
* Hectic at the office. My boss had a stoke last week of May. I’ve had to step up and take over… I was petrified, but finally 3 weeks later Im coping and most things are sorted and up to date. So Im really a jack of all trade now, accounts, quotes etc….
* Boss still is hospital, its a long road of recovery that lies ahead for her. She’s got so many people praying for her, she can only get better! But its to early to say if she will be able to return to work, which would be very sad.

Let me be off and catch up on the blogs (and find them)  – whilst I have a bit of time available to myself!! 🙂

Have a good day…feels good to be back!



10 thoughts on “Oh my hat…Im lost!!!

  1. Can we be “lost” together?
    YAY on Jess walking, what a cutie. Oh and hey, listen, that messing eating thing? Get used to it, L is 3 and still eats off chairs, the floors, me, DH, everywhere, and chucks stuff around too, ai, ai.
    Gosh on your bosses stroke, just goes to show you hey. I hope she gets better soon

    • Sjoe – Its like visiting strange town (continent), without a map! 🙂
      lol – Im totally prepared for the messy eating – eating bibs, and eating just before bathtime – so its straight into the bath! 🙂
      Thanks – me too! Its a terrible thing to happen to anyone!

  2. Hello. Yay to Jessica, let me warn u, now u’ll be very busy & fit u won’t need gym because u’ll be ruuning around after her.
    That makes the 2 of us, being technologically challenged, but i’m sure we’ll manage.

    • I was thinking already this morning, I ‘feel’ thinner! lol
      She’s quite the busy body, cant leave nothing alone!
      Like I said to Helen, its like they le us loose on another continent/town with out a roadmap! But Im sure we will get there eventually! Just miss my Favorite blog list – made things so much easier to catch up!

    • Thanks! Stepping into someone else’s job is quite a challenge, I cant even phone her and ask what she done with this or that… but we are getting there.

      hope we will all be ‘proficient’ in wordpress soon! 🙂

  3. Good to see you’re back! Yes its quite a shock to the system this new set-up ain’t it?

    Jess and Sweetpea are developing at a very similar pace … Sweetpea tucks her hands near her armpits when she walks so very penguin-like as well 🙂

    For our trip to the zoo yesterday we also used the forward facing seat for the first time with Sweetpea and she really seemed to prefer it … much less moany and fussy in the car!

    • Its good to be back! I just need a favorite blogs spot – and add everyone to it! 🙂 trying to figure out how to send friend requests… never mind changing backgrounds etc!

      They are – Im so happy for the two little penguins. Lol i can just imagine with the little arms tucked in! Jessica walks with arms stretched out for balancing and as ‘shocks’ for the stumbles!

  4. It changed over last week, I’m still a lot confused myself because I don’t get notifications of my messages or replies…ai!

    Yay vir Jessica wat offisieel loop! En vir self-feeding! Mooi so, Jess!

    • Jong – ek is soos ‘n verkleurmannetjie op ‘n smartie box! hehe 🙂 sal dit nog uitfigger!
      Sy is nou ook met die lopery officially ‘n todler, much to my dismay! 😉 Sy word nou gans en al te vinnig groot!

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