Uh uh, bra's and houses

Uh uh… Jessica’s favorite new word..
Do you want to eat cereal? “Uh uh”
Brush your teeth? ” uh uh”
Drink Milk/Juice/etc? “uh uh”

At least its not a ‘Nee’ or ‘No’… 🙂

Our Little Madam is getting so big now – learning new things everyday! She’s still not gaining any real weight since her hospital stay and iron levels still not normal. We were at the paed again on Monday – Nose, throat & ears and just for good measure a fungal rash over her back, arms & legs… Dr says we need to up those Iron levels so her immune system can fight all these willy nilly bugs! Although my poor child looks like she’s got the plague, she still her old self playing and jolly!  She loves ‘singing’ and making the little moves that goes with it. Unfortunately I dont know what they teach them at school/creche so we make our own moves half the time – and she remembers! 🙂 ‘Vissies in die water’, ‘Vader Jakob & twinkle little star are favorites! We made up a silly song on the weekend about bellybuttons. Last night she sat on the couch and showed me her belly and tried to mimic the song, finger ‘clicking’, rocking side to side and all! (she just touches her thumb and ‘wys vinger’ together). She’s also saying more words – really need to write these down! Latest was ‘karretjie’, only said it once.. 🙂

Mommy is her go to person at the moment, even have to take her to the loo with me to avoid a histerical child standing by the door… and then she tries to help me wipe! LOL Takes a lot of coaxing to not have her do that! And everything mommy has – she wants… even bra’s…


Work is still a bit hectic, but learnt to cope. Got our increases which wasnt quite as expected…so Im now downscaling my car. Trading it in on Monday… I really love my car, and am very sad too let her go. Guess once in a while you have to sacrifice something for your family! Will save at least R700-800 a month on instalments and petrol! Now just to work on not getting home so late – so we can save on the take aways… Jessica has become a KFC ‘junkie’.. lol Ok Im exagerating – but she loves the mash and gravy and wont sommer pass on a piece of chicken (bought or homemade). got her, her 1st ‘chicky meal’ about a week or 2 ago – here’s she rummaging thru the bag…

In other news – we put our house in the market too (luckily not to down scale!) and it was sold within 3 weeks! We didnt expect it to happen so soon and had to find a new place rather quickly! And we found it on the weekend. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool & lapa with huge yard (ok coming from a townhouse, anything seems BIG!). The family staying there recently renovated the house, its all porcelain tiles, brand new stunning kitchen, laminated floors in the bedrooms.. we just love the place! If all goes well (finance approval, registration etc) we should be moving towards the end of Jan 2013! Definitely getting Jessica a doggy (or two) then!  Things will be a bit tight, but we will get thru it I know! 🙂

Okay I think Ive done enought pretending to work on an important document.. and do some real work! lol This work thing that interfere’s so much with blogs reading/posting..eish! 🙂

Have a good week everyone!


PS: Thanks to the Parent24 team for trying to help us with the blogs!


16 thoughts on “Uh uh, bra's and houses

  1. jissie, maar syt ‘skielik’ groot word! cant believe 😦

    haha, jyt ‘n regte klein madampie op jou hande lyk dit my – te precious!


    • ja nee kyk die madampie baie skielik in ‘n toddler verander!
      dankie! sy so ougat – wens mens kan al daai oomblikke vasvang vir ewig!

    • Dankie! dis terribly cute – so asof sy check wie eet wat en dan steel sy so paar happies van Pa se chips (sy vat ‘n hap en sit terug in die pakkie lol)

  2. She is lovely! I love the “helping you wipe” . I take Honeybear with me too, and I stick him into the laundry basket to avoid him touchinf anything.

    • Thanks! She’s at the stage anything you do, I’ll help! lol
      She loves ‘riding’ inside the laundry basket – have to push and pull her thru the house. She wont sit still in it for one moment!

    • Thank you! Me too – already looking lots better than Monday!
      *maybe time for a Blog Baby competition – we have serious contenders around here! lol*

  3. Ai my jinne Sharon maar sy het so groot geword – en so oulik! Jammer ek het so lanklaas gecomment op jou blog – maar hier is ek nou! Bly dit gaan goed met julle – en bly oor julle nuwe huis – klink sommer baie opwindend! Jy sal nou nie glo nie – ons huis is ook in die mark – vir omtrent 2 weke nou – maar ek weet nou nie of ons so gelukkig soos julle gaan wees om so gou te verkoop nie – ek hou maar duim vas! Kan ook nie wag vir ‘n bietjie meer spasie nie hoor!

    Lekker om jou te sien! Lekker werk verder – die dag is maar lank of wat?

    Groot drukkie xxx

  4. She’s such a cutie 🙂
    Sweetpea also wants to come into the loo with me … and doesn’t try to wipe but wants to SEE what is happening … and unrolls the toilet paper onto the floor! 😀

  5. Hi, sy is ‘n klein prinsessie. baie geluk met die nuwe huis, hou duim vas dat alles goed verloop. Hoop julle het ‘n lekker naweek.

  6. She’s growing so quickly, such a little gem. Liam too is a fan of the KFC chicken burger. Can’t ride past a KFC without that request. Don’t know how they stomach the mash tho, it’s so gross!

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