Randoms..unrandom title… :)

Hallo dear all.

Hope everyone is doing well – see the blogs are going quieter again! Hopefully its because everyone is busy with work and its not something else keeping you away! PS: How is Ladee & Maddy doing, anyone??

Its been lekker busy at work, shouldnt complain, it keeps this boat afloat! hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hubby has been working overtime, Jessica is teething (again), Im busy arranging a babyshower and life is just hectic with this year end rush! Im skoon poegaai and there’s no holiday rainbow at the end of all this! lol

Where to start…ย  sommer in a random order:

Work – hectic busy, but its good – holding thumbs for decent xmas bonus this year. Big Up a good client came back for their ‘anual bookings’ *grins*
I have also finally 6mnths on, moved my desk to the ‘bosses’ side. Room with a view comes to mind – I now no longer look at a hangar and aircraft taking off, but have a very tranqual scene of a green valley, with trees and the occasional cow’s walking past. Nice for day dreaming eh! ๐Ÿ™‚ only down, cant see if there’s rain coming, love to watch the storm clouds build up over the highveld! Some of the other people looking at me funny sitting in my ex bosses desk – and no I didnt get her titleor salary…ย  just her duties! lol

The House Buying thing: so we found a house, which we loved, wasnt in the greatest area but we loved it, the price was up our alley and then the banks and the owner disagreed on the value. They wouldnt come up with the valuation and he wouldnt come down with his price, so we had to let that one go. In hind sight that was probably a good thing. We have now found another place, better area, close to schools (primary & high) and not to far out of our way to get to work etc.Jessica can stay in her creche – I might have to leave home a bit earlier…
We are still waiting for the final goodies from the bank, but sounds positive. We are ‘buying/paying’ more than what we budgeted for – waiting to hear what interest rate they will give us… *holding thumbs its reasonable*. Blapsa has already let us down, as an exciting Blapsa client, we’ve had 2 bonds with them already, they only offer us a 90% loan. Where we should &$%$ the remaining 10% I dont know. I actually asked one of the bank’s consultants, where does he think we should get it from, dont think I’d make a killing standing on a street corner… he was taken aback by my answer and I know its not his fault, but crisis – we’re not 1st time homeloaners…. anyways *please hold thumbs we should hear from FNB by tomorrow latest* // **and yes hubby will be switching banks**
But ja,ย  buying for more than we planned, we kinda wont have extra money to fix things up as we would have liked, at least for the 1st 6 months. But that too shall happen when the time is right (after an increase or two…) At least the house is neat and doesnt need too much work! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jessica: our not so little madam is just adding to her vocab every day! This week she loves to say “sit”. Pointing to where she wants to “sit” sometimes it sounds like ‘shite” hehe. She was 18mts on Sat. And trust me she’s a fullblown toddler…with tantrums and all. She is teething again, this time its the eye teeth/K9’s all four of them at once. She’s not too niggle, very much ‘trooping’ thru this – just eating really bad – and the hot weather not helping! At the end of this teething phase she will have 16 teeth! They had their first concert on Friday, 16th. She was a little bunny rabbit, part of the Noah’s ark scene. None of them did the moves they were suppose to, al least she was clapping and swaying and not crying! ๐Ÿ™‚ will put up a pic as soon as I get it from school.
This coming Friday we have our last injections – untill she is 5 or 6 yrs old! Whoo hoo…. ๐Ÿ™‚
As time goes by I realise Jessica can do a lot more things, than I think she is capable of…

Question: when do you start weening little ones off milk? jessica is currently drinking a min of 3 milk bottles a day, Nan 3. Or should I just change the milk later on? While teething, along with yogurt its the only ‘food’ she gets in! The yogurt makes her a bit chesty, dont want to switch her to cow’s milk yet, Im afraid it might make it worse or even more (?) worse – be an allegry to diary! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Mommy: doing well, still not a yummy mummy…lol. I try to eat better etc, but most days end up munching bread – the root of all evil! I’ve probably gained another 5kgs… Im worried about my sugar. I cant even start my day with a cup of coffee, without having sugar lows. And once it starts it keeps it up for the whole day, dipping and diving. Think thats also why Im gaining weight – I keep eating to ‘correct’ it, but to no avail! Trying to not eat anything sweet alone (like right after a meal), will see how it goes, overwise a visit to the Dr might be the next step…aargh!
Im arranging a babyshower for my sister, on the 1st of Dec. Sounds like the baby might come a bit prem, instead of end Feb, Dr now leaning towards beginning Feb! Im bad at babyshowers…Im one of those people who make the excuses not to go. The ones I did go to, was mind boggeling boring. Maybe its because at the time i didnt have kids myself? Im also not into the whole, making the mom to be look foolish/ridiculous… (no offence to the people who do like all those things- I know it can be fun..) so this is going to be a ‘classy’ affair. Taking into consideration, my sister is quite the perfectionist… I hope it will be to her liking! Im baking the cake myself, doing an ellie cake (elephants) and lekker snacks (again between my mom and myself we will make most of this ourselves). I have a great entertainment idea, which I will divuldge afterwards – incase its not a hit! lol. It is a ‘mixed’ party, men also coming – should be interesting! lol Wish me luck!!

Im writing a novel… apologies for the long read and thank you for reading it all!

Have a great day!!



5 thoughts on “Randoms..unrandom title… :)

  1. I think Tourmaline might still be in touch with Ladee.
    I get the odd cow walking past my office also, the 2-legged variety, haha..
    Yay on the house, not so yay on the bank front. Had the same experience recently when STD bank refused to look past a judgment on DH’s name (courtesy of ex-wife) and give us vehicle finance. Eventually got it in my name via Wesbank. (read previous posts)
    Gotta love those last lot of shots! Whoop whoop.
    Liam had his last milk bottle around 18months. We now give him tea at night, but we only did this because we thought it would help him slim down and that he was getting enough vitamins from his very varied diet. Well, he hasn’t slimmed down. He drinks cows milk and also has no problem eating yoghurt and cheese. Dairy products aced!
    So with you on the baby-shower thing. DH instructed the girls at work not to give me one. Can’t stand them. Either you like that kind of thing or you don’t.
    Currently on a great eating plan which helped me fit into pre-pregnancy clothes just last week, after 4 weeks. PM if you want a copy. It’s not too bad.
    Love the novel, it’s been ages since we heard from you.

  2. Ladee and Maddy are doing well, I spoke to her via bbm over the weekend! The evil family members are still being themselves but Ladee is with DC again and they’re relatively happy. Maddy is gorgeous, getting so big! No teeth yet and not yet crawling but she’ll get there!

    Great update, it’s good to see you!

  3. Holding thumbs for the homeloan. We are also looking for a new house – just run out of space where we are. I also wonder where the banks think we can come up with all the cash required for transfer fees etc never mind 10% of a homeloan.

    About the sugar lows – cut out all caffiene and fizzy drinks if any, eat low GI stuff to stabilise it.

  4. Glad to hear things are going well and you’re enjoying the view! Good luck with the banks, we are both FNB customers and have been very happy with them for many years! I’m moving on, da da da…. dammit now I have that song in my head!

  5. Have fun arranging the baby shower, I am sure you and your Mom will do great, and there are loads of fun ideas via Google. Hope the bonus comes through, I wish I would get one too.
    Honeybear still has loads of milk, Nan 3 and I have replaced half the milk with normal cowโ€™s milk. He has not had any reaction to it. I have decided to leave him to it and just offer at drinks and hopefully one day he will want something other than milk. I find trying to force them to do something (โ€œweaningโ€) tends to end in tears, unless you know they are ready. I am too scared of crying babies.

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