Heppy heppy…

I dont even know where to start – Im starting to get a complex apologising all the time for being so absent on the blogs… and actually in life in general.

Since the last post, what end Nov… we’ve had my sister’s baby shower beginning of Dec. I did the cake – was very impressed with myself. At first it was like a mountain ahead of me, until I relaxed and then it was fun! πŸ™‚ Remember I told you I had a brilliant idea, something for guest participation. Well, I got some wooden blocks (well bought a pole and had it cut at the local BuildersWarehouse) bought some paint and brushes and asked the guests to decorate the blocks for the little one. Also stenciled in the Alphabet. Was a great idea in theory, not so easy to carry out as not everyone decorated a block and skillls not the same, but still the thought that counts. My sister’s son ruined was a bit over enthusiastic and painted over other people’s art… My mom and I tried to save/ refurbish what we could. But it was still a great gift to my sister. Next time I will rather get the people to ‘decopage’ or get more stencils and draw pics…. lol Oh wait, there wont be a nex time! *phew*

The rest of December went by in a blur.. being sick, having a sick child etc… (all flu, Im still coughing) We had a few days off between Christmas& New Years. Took things easy, actually didnt do much. Jessica had a few 1sts:

1st swim in big pool (at granny house – whom she now calls ‘ma)

Her first sip of a creamsoda float at wimpy (naughty I know…)Β  Excuse the mozzie bites on her cheek..

Her first bite of a dougnut, although she was more interested in picking the chocolate icing off πŸ™‚

Her Christmas Fairy Dress (made me think of our Little Minki’s dress…) didnt last long before we had to change into something a bit more play-able! πŸ™‚

Christmas & New Years were uneventful – we had Christmas lunch for days with all the left overs! I didnt mind at all – one thing less to do!Jessica woke just past midnight on New Years, hard to sleep with bloody crackers doing off everywhere. Anyway when I got to her, she was standing in her cot, pointing to the window (noise & lights) sayingΒ  ‘oh oh’! we showed her the fireworks and she only fell asleep about 2hrs later…

Jessica is saying to many words at the moment, and making animal noises. I keep telling myself I should make a list, but its gonna be a long one! πŸ™‚Β  The school said end of the school year, she doesnt have a wide vocabulary, I just think she doesnt want to talk to them! Her latest are: “skiesie” (sorry), when she bumps you or want to pass etc. and if something goes wrong or falls she says “Oo koeks” terribly cute! πŸ™‚ Also started calling me mummy/mammie in stead of mamma… not sure where she picked that up!
also a real miss independent, dont sommer try and help with anything! πŸ™‚ She has started being fussy with food. Wont eat fresh fruit, no matter how I try it….but she eats her ‘padta’ (pasta) πŸ™‚

For 2013 I have high hopes… May it be less hectic, more time for myself and my family, may I get more done, may our health be better this year, and just in general be a GOOD YEAR!!!

We are moving house the end of Feb. We finally got a home loan on the house we liked, now the next obsticle is the bloodsucking laywers (sorry for the laywers among us). Just when you think everything is covered, then they hit you with more costs… for both our house and the new one. At lease we ‘hussled’ with the new house transfer laywers and they gave us a bit of discount… Agents should really inform their clients better of ALL possible costs… after all this we wont have a lot of savings left to fixup the things we wanted to. again another stress for me, but should chill about it, it will get done eventually! πŸ˜‰

anyhoo Im writing a book….


HAPPY 2013 to all of you!!! and dont forget: hug a lamppost ever so often…

Pole hugger…:)

(I cant even begin to explain that one….LOL)


One thought on “Heppy heppy…

  1. Hi Sharon!
    Aw this is a great post, love the update, and adore the pics! Jessica has grown so much, she’s beautiful! “ooo koeks”, that’s so sweet man!
    Hope 2013 is going to be a lucky, happy year for you and your loved ones!

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