Birds on a Wire…

We decided to take a last minute break… call it mini holiday. Took last week 4days off, and we trekked to the Drakensburg for 5 nights.
I say trekked, because the roads are in a bit of a mess, might as well have saddled up a wagon and horses.

We had a wonderful time non the less. Think we needed it – a bit of peace and quiet, just the 3 of us. We thought it would be rediculously cold so close to the mountains, but alas on 2 days we wore short sleeves, and most days we went for swims! Before you think we lost the plot, the resort had 2 heated pools (one indoors and one outdoors), Jessica was in her element, she does love swimming! We were hoping to see some snow actually, but no luck! The resort we stayed in was in the Central Drakensburg area. We took daytrips to Cathedral Peak and Royal Natal Game Reserve. The resort had a little petting zoo with goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, emo’s, turkeys and rabbits. You could buy food and feed them, to Jessica’s delight! Of course she wanted to take some bunnies home, a mom and baby. She also friended a cat, we called her Gingy. She was so cute, always came running to say hi to Jessica. Jessica was a bit sad when we couldnt find her yesterday morning before we left.Β  Its pretty spectacular viewing the mountain, but I have realised Im totally a beach/ocean person…. lol. Maybe the next holiday!



Jess Skaap

Skapies ”Bhaaa”


Central Drakensburg (edited, imagine this was snow…)

Cathedral Peak

Cathedral Peak Hotel

Berg Baa

“Stop taking pics… give me food!! Baahh”

Horse Riding - looking like a pro! :)

Horse Riding – looking like a pro! πŸ™‚

I hear some of the other Mom’s also have all their days with tantrums, or kids not listening. Now we have only recently got Jessica off her Dummy (yes only after 3yrs would she give it up). Unfortunately since then (now 3wks ago)Β  She’s started with the most terrible ‘tantrums’ (Im not even sure if they classify as that, its more of a fit of rage!). She kicks, screams, yells bites, smacks all at the same time… jy skrik eintlik jou allie af. We’ve been trying to be patient, but yikes if you are at the receiving end, its hard to keep your cool. Seems to be happening mostly when she’s really tired… if only she would close her eyes and sleep or nap! They seem to pass quicker now, wondering if its not Dummy withdrawel symtoms… she use to go to sleep alot easier with the dummy. Now we sit with her sometimes well past 22h00 (with or without an afternoon nap).

I’ve started to count down when things must be done. “Im counting to 10, then …. must be done”. On the weekend she tunes me “Jy moet vir my tel mamma… ” after I nagged her to do something… lol so cute!

She is doing very well otherwise. She’s counting to 10 in both Afrikaans and English. She call Afrikaans “oepsiekans”. And hospital is “oopsietaal” πŸ˜‰Β  Her latest thing is: she wants a baby. A Real Baby… that will climb out of her tummy. Guess all the preggy mommies of her friends have left an impression. We’ve started to talk about nr 2… still think only towards the end of the year! Dont know how she will handle that, she can be a bit jealous.


Anyways let me catch up on work – so nice to have been missed, makes you feel a bit appreciated (all of 10 min!)

Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire


Big hugs to all who need a bit of love!



6 thoughts on “Birds on a Wire…

  1. I love mini holidays, they are great for some family reconnection.
    I also thought we would never lose the dummy but it happened one day, when I said I threw it into the bin (I have the whole lot still). I think you need to try to reinforce other sleeping aids you can live with. I do songs and stories and 5 bears and 2 softies. A very strict bedtime routine works for us, and if he has not had a daytime nap, he will not sleep easily at night.
    I have no tantrum solution, I just try to avoid things that will set it off, I use bribes, I use the naughty corner, I use hugs and sometimes I have to leave the room myself so I do not shout. I will even stop a shopping trip and go home.
    BTW I only count to three, I will not survive ten. Good luck with nr 2. I am not brave enough.

    • Wish we could have had a longer break… oh welL! πŸ™‚
      We’ve tried giving up the dummy last year, and gave up (gave it back). So when she turned 3 we said she’s now a big girl, no more dummy. Eventually she agreed. But ja – seems even at school its taking her long to fall asleep for naptime. Last night she eventually fell asleep at around 23h00. Asked the school to not let her sleep today. We have routines and everything, dinner, bath, storytime, sleep. It used to work in the past, just recently that we are really struggling. Close to throwing in the towel!
      This morning she was grumpy because I had to wake her up to get ready – screaming match all over. i cant just walk away in the mornings, Im already getting flack at the office because Im always late…. and she’s not making it any easier!
      Dont know how people actually cope with more kids…imagine having a little baby and a tantrummy 3yr old… I’d end up in the looney bin. Until she stops these ‘fits’, I dont see nr 2!

      • What works for the morning in our house: I wake earlier and then I am almost dressed before I try to wake Honeybear. Lunches and bag are all packed and Honeybear’s clothes are laid out too before we wake him. I also turn on the light as soon as I wake up so he is not fast asleep when I come to wake him. I then try to wake him and I try to avoid making him cry because that will lead to a tantrum. I do use bribery shamelessly in the morning. I talk about things he likes at school.
        You know that this stage is not forever and it will get better.

      • Im trying to do the waking up earlier, if only I can get myself ready before she wakes… but she always seem to wake up and then all hell breaks loose! πŸ™‚ But the days we’re not in a hurry, she’s calm and gives her full co operation.
        At one stage this morning I told her if she didnt want to dress, she’s going to school in her panties only… and miss monkeynastics. and she was fine with that…. *oi vey*

  2. OMG, I’ve just typed a whole long reply and then deleted it. Here’s the long and the short of it.
    Nice pics of the hungry skapies.
    Walk away from the rages, if no one is watching it’s not much of a show to put on.
    I only count to 3 with Liam, not that it works, but I least I can count.
    Good luck with number 2. 1 is enough thanks.

  3. Its just really difficult, especially in the mornings – we need to get ready and going. Wish I could just leave her for 20min to cool off (me too) but work already not happy with me constantly being late! Some days the counting works, this morning it didnt. I ended up loosing it… had a very bad mommy moment. Told her “ons moet klaar kom, dammit.” She ended up crying, “Ek is nie dammit…. ” Those are the moments that makes me wish I didnt have a job or any responsibilities, so I can just raise her on our own time!

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