Bath Paint



I totally love love LOVE Pinterest. If only they would pay me to pin the whole day! There are so many fabulous ideas on there, food, home, decor, garden, kids, parties, the funny quotes etc etc. If only had a bottomless wallet and loads of time!

I found one ‘science’ project for Jessica some time ago – bicarb of soda and vinegar. You color the vinegar different colors (I do it in an old ice tray), then in a bigger container, you pour a thick layer of bicarb. Then with a dropper , drop the vinegar into the bicarb – it fizzes and bubbles and the colors mix etc. Jessica loves it. It can get messy, and somedays she put the bicarb into the vinegar and then it ‘boils’ over to her delight. Thats like a 30min activity for her!

Yesterday while taking a minute breather from work. I found another cool link for kids stuff Two Ingredient Crafts . I picked one yesterday – the bath paint. Easy peasy – shaving cream & food coloring! I made mine in a muffin pan. Jessica had such fun ‘painting’ the bath, a real Picasso!  Dad was a bit apprehensive – I did borrow his shaving cream (I use the gel, not the same). It wipes right off and sommer colors the water at the same time 🙂

So for at least bathtime, it was a rustige tydjie! Got the piccie of the website…

Shaving Cream + food Coloring = Bath Paint

Shaving Cream + food Coloring = Bath Paint and lots of fun for the kids

Next I want to try the Cloud Dough Conditioner (yes) + Corn Flour. Not edible though!! Will let you know how it turns out!

Soft as Cloud Play Dough

Soft as Cloud Play Dough


Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



6 thoughts on “Bath Paint

  1. Wow I’m a whole month behind almost! Didn’t even realise you had started up a blog again 🙂 So glad you did and I look forward to catching up with news from your family. Little Jess, like Sweetpea, is not so little anymore 🙂 Love the party pics … she’s lovely 🙂

  2. I saw that bath paint and I also some people say it stained white grout. You obviously do not have a staining problem. I will think about this activity again.
    The cloud dough looks like a good idea. I was going to try an edible version, but I do not want Honeybear to think it is acceptable to eat it, because at school they cannot eat it. When we did salt dough crafts, he ate the dough, as disgusting as it was, but he refuses to eat my cooking.

    • We only painted the bath – but can imagine if it gets on the grout, it might be a problem. (depends I guess if the grout is sealled or not).
      Also thought about the normal clay u can make, but never found the time (got plentyof recipes for those too). The dough came out well last night. You do use quite a bit of cornflour, but its really soft and smells great! 🙂 I’ll post about maybe tomorrow. Jessica is using her play baking set, making cookies etc so yay for that.

      I always wonder how they can eat the stuff they do, but not the things we want them… same goes for sleep! If only they knew what lies ahead in adulthood! 😉

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