Soft Cloud Dough

In my previous Post I mentioned and linked up the recipe for the Soft Cloud Dough.
Conditioner + cornflour + glitter (optional) = hours of fun for a toddler

I always have bottles of conditioner lying around (half empty etc) so opted to use it constructively.

Recipe calls for  1 part conditioner & 2 parts cornflour. It may vary due to the type conditioners used (some are thicker others are runnier) I didnt keep track of how much I added of which. But used about 1/2 a box Maizena!  Just keep mixing until it feels right – shouldnt be sticky.



We colored it PINK of course and added some pink glitter. Its really soft and smells divine.

Glittery softness

Glittery softness

Baking, Cooking, Playing

Baking, Cooking, Playing

We made it on Thurs, Im sure if it stayed covered yesterday (which it didnt) it could last for quite a while!

Happy crafting!



8 thoughts on “Soft Cloud Dough

    • That was it. MamaCat says she going to try it with aquaeous cream! Its nice and soft, can still make figures out of it. dries to a power – easy to clean when it does get stuck on the carpet.

  1. I tried the bath paint this weekend and it was such a hit! Honeybear had that light in his face when he saw it and was even more happy when he aw he could put it everywhere.
    I read up on this too and I am going to try with aqueous cream instead of conditioner, because I have about six unopened tubs of the stuff. I think it will probably take less cornflour because it is thicker.

    • Yay – its so nice to give them something creative to do with a bit of ‘free range’!
      I bought extra shaving cream this month – definitely doing it again.
      Please let us know how if goes with the cream – cheaper alternative too.

      • Wanted to tell you about the cloud dough with cream: It turned out very well. I used the aqueous cream and added cornflour. Then I ran out of cornflour and just added normal white flour until it got to the right consistency. I also added a little baby oil in case it became sticky with the flour I added. It turned out well and it is still fine three weeks later. I tie it up in a plastic bag, and put that in a lunchbox and then in the fridge. I leave it on the counter to warm up for about 30minutes.

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