Time Flies

Wow so yet again I have neglected my Blog… Somehow I’m not surprised!
Even at work I’m struggling to get around to everything. You start the day with a list of stuff to do, by the end of the day nothing is done – and the list just got longer!
I’ve been thru a month of being sick, twice to the doctor, booked off twice for a couple of days… when I got the same bug the 3rd time round, I self medicated! Couldn’t face another batch of antibiotics, cortisone or both and I made it out alive! 🙂 Made me think, maybe that saying: “Going to the doctor for flu, it will take 2 weeks to recover, if not it will take 14days… ” might be some truth to it.
A lot of people getting the same bugs (flu etc) two 3 times, or simply not getting better or much worse!
We’ve been lucky (touch wood) Jessica only had a slight upper respiratory infection end June – still got a bit of a runny nose, Paed calls it ‘crèche nose’, and it’s actually better over weekends… away from school!

Jessica is doing very well otherwise – she’s got her temper a bit more under control. Still have outbursts, but not as explosive as before. I love that we can have whole conversations, explaining how things work and why – and she remembers and then tells it back to you. She loves all things pink and girly, and of course Barbie – thank goodness you get those DVD’s for dirt cheap! She loves watching it…

I’m feeling like quite a failure as Mom, if it wasn’t for the monthly Baby Centre updates and school – I wouldn’t know what she should be doing at her age. She still speaks a lot clearer than some of the friends at school. She uses big sentences and describes things too in her own colourful way. With me sometimes lost on some of the Afrikaans words and English school friends & cousin, she’s picking up some English. The one day at dinner, she told me “dankie Mamma, dis delicious” lol. Beautiful also pops up a lot! She counts 1-10 both English and Afrikaans, she even mixes the two up in the right order. Must go find a toddler update – and do proper update!
I’ve been putting off (someone say procrastinate) phoning local primary schools to book Jessica a spot. It still feels far away – but its not… must make a plan. I don’t know if its because we don’t have friends with the same age kids, I feel kinda lost with the Primary School thing… I don’t know the local schools (only the what I hear from other parents on the odd occasion), I don’t know which one will suit her or us best. Price wise they are all similar, distance wise, there are 3 within a 10km radius (2 of which is within 5km) from home. Then there’s the afterschool ‘issue’ – her school now (crèche) offers after care until I think grade 6 (again – I better check), how will she get there? Where are (will) her friends go to school? Am I sending her to the right school? Would she fit in? So many questions so little answers…
We had a Parent Day at school on Friday past. She was so shy, she wouldn’t play with her friends, or participate in the few class activities, she just wanted Mom & Dad! Which I guess is kind of normal – but its so weird seeing her so shy! This from a little girl, who wears a little tutu, doing ‘ballet dancing’ in the garden while singing her own made up songs (about anything I tell you, ANYTHING!), who chats non-stop at home, or dances in shops because she likes the music playing… My not so little Princess!
As Helen would say – I’ve hit page 2! Time to wrap it up….

Seems Sept will be a busy month weekend wise – got birthdays & parties coming up, going to the visit my in laws, got tickets for the Homemakers Expo, and it’s the bi-annual Air Show in Waterkloof! *im tired just of making the list* haha 
Look after yourselves!

PS: I promised some cookie recipes – if I get a chance tomorrow, will post it. Peanut Butter Cookies & Chocolate Nougat Cookies!


Day Dreaming

Dont you somedays just wish you had an endless supply of money or even time for that matter?
I’ve been having a whole week or so of that! Just dreaming of doing something else….
Dont get me wrong, I love my job  (most days), but lately its getting more and more difficult to focus on work etc. Im sooooo not motivated to be here right now. There’s also a few work related issues thats making it very difficult for us to operate on full capacity, so you end up doing what you do half hearted, not to disappointment yourself and/or others.

What If I didnt work because we need the money…
What if I was like those creative types, who starts up a business from home an make millions…
What if I had undiscovered talents to achieve financial freedom…
What if I did something on the side, after hours etc…
What if… What if….

And I have had plenty idees:
* Maybe start a cake/cupcake baking business? Kitchen not big enought, not enough experience, and I not that talented (doing family cakes is one thing, I get carteblanche, other people might have higher expectations….
* Garden Service/Design business- although I would have to go back to ‘school’, I will totally enjoy something like this  – being outdoors, seeing your work progress and grow..
* Party Organising (think Monkey Magic)  they make it seem so easy. But again, dont have the funds to start up something like this, but could be fun – doing kids parties as a job! Another pitfall – demanding Mom’s.!
* Maybe owning a Party/ Outdoorsy Venue/ Coffee Shop and nice kids play area… We dont have loads of that in our area – Im sure if you do it right, it will be a hit… again no experience or money… Nice thing – if someone irritates you – you ask them to leave YOUR premises… LOL Im so full of ideas how to decorate a place like this… it would be such a cosy, let-your-hair-down, kid friendly place! *sigh*

Strange what you think you’ll do one day, when you grow up,
then what you end up doing,
and what you wish you were rather doing…

So if anyone knows the winning lotto numbers – please let me know!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Talking about parties – here is a link to a website where I found some of the Sophia party goodies. They have loads of other themes too – all for free! This was one of many sites I found…

Sophia First Free Printables

Happy dreaming to everyone – hope oneday we can let it come true!


Birds on a Wire…

We decided to take a last minute break… call it mini holiday. Took last week 4days off, and we trekked to the Drakensburg for 5 nights.
I say trekked, because the roads are in a bit of a mess, might as well have saddled up a wagon and horses.

We had a wonderful time non the less. Think we needed it – a bit of peace and quiet, just the 3 of us. We thought it would be rediculously cold so close to the mountains, but alas on 2 days we wore short sleeves, and most days we went for swims! Before you think we lost the plot, the resort had 2 heated pools (one indoors and one outdoors), Jessica was in her element, she does love swimming! We were hoping to see some snow actually, but no luck! The resort we stayed in was in the Central Drakensburg area. We took daytrips to Cathedral Peak and Royal Natal Game Reserve. The resort had a little petting zoo with goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, emo’s, turkeys and rabbits. You could buy food and feed them, to Jessica’s delight! Of course she wanted to take some bunnies home, a mom and baby. She also friended a cat, we called her Gingy. She was so cute, always came running to say hi to Jessica. Jessica was a bit sad when we couldnt find her yesterday morning before we left.  Its pretty spectacular viewing the mountain, but I have realised Im totally a beach/ocean person…. lol. Maybe the next holiday!



Jess Skaap

Skapies ”Bhaaa”


Central Drakensburg (edited, imagine this was snow…)

Cathedral Peak

Cathedral Peak Hotel

Berg Baa

“Stop taking pics… give me food!! Baahh”

Horse Riding - looking like a pro! :)

Horse Riding – looking like a pro! 🙂

I hear some of the other Mom’s also have all their days with tantrums, or kids not listening. Now we have only recently got Jessica off her Dummy (yes only after 3yrs would she give it up). Unfortunately since then (now 3wks ago)  She’s started with the most terrible ‘tantrums’ (Im not even sure if they classify as that, its more of a fit of rage!). She kicks, screams, yells bites, smacks all at the same time… jy skrik eintlik jou allie af. We’ve been trying to be patient, but yikes if you are at the receiving end, its hard to keep your cool. Seems to be happening mostly when she’s really tired… if only she would close her eyes and sleep or nap! They seem to pass quicker now, wondering if its not Dummy withdrawel symtoms… she use to go to sleep alot easier with the dummy. Now we sit with her sometimes well past 22h00 (with or without an afternoon nap).

I’ve started to count down when things must be done. “Im counting to 10, then …. must be done”. On the weekend she tunes me “Jy moet vir my tel mamma… ” after I nagged her to do something… lol so cute!

She is doing very well otherwise. She’s counting to 10 in both Afrikaans and English. She call Afrikaans “oepsiekans”. And hospital is “oopsietaal” 😉  Her latest thing is: she wants a baby. A Real Baby… that will climb out of her tummy. Guess all the preggy mommies of her friends have left an impression. We’ve started to talk about nr 2… still think only towards the end of the year! Dont know how she will handle that, she can be a bit jealous.


Anyways let me catch up on work – so nice to have been missed, makes you feel a bit appreciated (all of 10 min!)

Birds on a Wire

Birds on a Wire


Big hugs to all who need a bit of love!



Of Birthdays (post 2)

I feel I should almost reintroduce myself! My previous blogs name was Shaz or Mommy Shaz. It hasn’t been active for a very long time. (old post imported: done!)

Some of the birthday piccies…  Mommy’s been Pinteresting too much, so I had visions of this fairy tale princess party. If only I had a bottomless purse. Got a lot of the ideas off Pinterest – and if you need I still have loads of templates for a Sophia Party (from invites, cake toppers etc…) all for Mahala. Sorry etsy.com – you have the nicest but priciest things. Sophia paraphernalia only starting to appear in our local shops now….

I made the cake myself – very proud of this creation! Jessica still ate pieces of fondant towers for about a week after!

Princess Castle Cake

Princess Castle Cake

With her chums on the jumping castle, they banned boys off it – her poor cousin was not impressed!

Jumping Castle

Jumping Castle

Opening pressies with Dad

Dad helping with the pressies

Dad helping with the pressies

Some of the table decor – I loved the fresh pink roses. Jessica helped to decorate the frame below, even helped with the painting. I must now print a photo and put it in her room. My (not so) Little Princess.

Birthday Girl

Jessica helped decorate the frame

Party Table

Party Table

Table Flowers

Table Flowers

We gave her a pink bicycle, which she loves and she rides it quite well by herself already. Especially because she never really liked those black push bikes… Oh well so we learn!

Jessica Birthday Bicycle

Jessica Birthday Bicycle



Still want to make her some tussles for the handles!

Happy Monday and Week to everyone! Hope to share more of us here…