Of Birthdays….

Apologies to those that use to follow my old Blog on Parent24, which died a quiet and not so painful death… along with most blogs on that side.

Between being a Mom, Wife and Worker (employee) time wasnt on my side.

So since my last post (which was roughly a year ago *gasp*) Jessica has grown into a beautiful little girl, no longer a baby nor toddler. She turned 3, 2 weeks ago. I loved planning her party and getting things just right. We had a Sophia themed princess party. Much to my dismay she wanted to change the party a few times…. spiderman, penguins, hello kitty…. luckily I could convince her Princess was the way to go! 🙂 Dont you just love Pinterest??

Anyways, as some of the Mom’s have blogged before, I invited about 10 friends from school and only 3 had the decency to RSVP. I considered being rude and send out an SMS reminding them to RSVP…and if they don’t I’ll accept it as a NO! Inconsiderate people…

Regardless the party ended up with 8 kids and 20 adults! We hired a pink jumping castle, which was a big hit with the kids (and cheap at R250 for the whole weekend). With the help of my Mom and Sister we did all the snacks self. In retro spect, next time I’ll just order a platter or two from somewhere! 🙂 Enjoyed meeting some of the other mom’s, actually getting to know them apart from the normal Hello’s and Good Bye’s at school. Time for play dates and all that jazz… we havent dont much of that yet. Weekends are normaly consumed by long lists of ‘to do’ things. Have to start somewhere making friends.

We bought her a little bicycle – she loves it. Keeps checking if she can ride in the house. So cute! She catching on quickly on how to cycle,  and she asks for her helmet – doesnt ride without it!

I’ll post some piccies as soon as Im up and running fully on this side.


*PS: please can someone tell me how to import my old Parent blogs to this one??