Day Dreaming

Dont you somedays just wish you had an endless supply of money or even time for that matter?
I’ve been having a whole week or so of that! Just dreaming of doing something else….
Dont get me wrong, I love my job  (most days), but lately its getting more and more difficult to focus on work etc. Im sooooo not motivated to be here right now. There’s also a few work related issues thats making it very difficult for us to operate on full capacity, so you end up doing what you do half hearted, not to disappointment yourself and/or others.

What If I didnt work because we need the money…
What if I was like those creative types, who starts up a business from home an make millions…
What if I had undiscovered talents to achieve financial freedom…
What if I did something on the side, after hours etc…
What if… What if….

And I have had plenty idees:
* Maybe start a cake/cupcake baking business? Kitchen not big enought, not enough experience, and I not that talented (doing family cakes is one thing, I get carteblanche, other people might have higher expectations….
* Garden Service/Design business- although I would have to go back to ‘school’, I will totally enjoy something like this  – being outdoors, seeing your work progress and grow..
* Party Organising (think Monkey Magic)  they make it seem so easy. But again, dont have the funds to start up something like this, but could be fun – doing kids parties as a job! Another pitfall – demanding Mom’s.!
* Maybe owning a Party/ Outdoorsy Venue/ Coffee Shop and nice kids play area… We dont have loads of that in our area – Im sure if you do it right, it will be a hit… again no experience or money… Nice thing – if someone irritates you – you ask them to leave YOUR premises… LOL Im so full of ideas how to decorate a place like this… it would be such a cosy, let-your-hair-down, kid friendly place! *sigh*

Strange what you think you’ll do one day, when you grow up,
then what you end up doing,
and what you wish you were rather doing…

So if anyone knows the winning lotto numbers – please let me know!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Talking about parties – here is a link to a website where I found some of the Sophia party goodies. They have loads of other themes too – all for free! This was one of many sites I found…

Sophia First Free Printables

Happy dreaming to everyone – hope oneday we can let it come true!